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Some Movie Posters Wot I Really Likes

http://qlaims.com/join-the-qlaims-team/ I was flicking through a shed-ton (technical term) of old movie posters on my computer when I realised that I could do a post on some of my favourites. Now, this is not my top 10 most favourite, it’s just … Continue reading

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My Favourite Hand Painted Movie Posters From Ghana

http://diamondseoulescorts.com/2019/01 If you haven’t read my other post on the crazy world of hand painted movie posters from Ghana then I recommend ¬†you read it first. Well, only if you’re interested in the history of why these things even exist. If … Continue reading

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The strange and bizarre world of handpainted movie posters in Ghana

http://trisporttrophies.com/feed The 1980’s brought video cassettes to the country of Ghana (West Africa). With VHS being (relatively) mobile, this made cinemas (relatively) mobile too. Small scale ‘cinemas’ (ie: some guys with a VHS player, a TV set and a generator) would … Continue reading

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