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Frontier(s) – Unrated Director’s Cut (2007)

http://weareconcert.com/projects/marriott-park-lane/ Just watching the trailer makes me really want to watch this movie.  Gore? Check.  Nazis? Check.  Blades to an Achilles Tendon? Check Check Check. This is a French movie, which I watched with English subtitles. So, let’s begin.

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Dans ton sommeil (aka: In Their Sleep) – 2010

buy the stars lyrics Dear peoples of France-land, Maybe it’s something to do with all the frogs legs and snails you lot eat, but can you please stop making such depressing films! That will be all, Ronnie Dans ton sommeil (English title: In Their … Continue reading

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Ogroff the Mad Mutilator (1983)

buy Lyrica online australia Dear oh dear oh dear… Orgroff the Mad Mutilator (aka: Mad Mutilator) is a French film from 1983, although it looks more like 1973 if anything else. The story is off the archetypical hut-in-the-forest dwelling psycho who murders passersby who … Continue reading

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Martyrs (2008)

Okay, I’m not going to lie, holy fuck, what a film! That’s my review. Thank you and goodnight. 😉 The movie starts off with a kid who’s just escaped from somewhere, she’s in her underwear, full of cuts and bruises, … Continue reading

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Vinyan (2009) – extreme boredom cinema

Having seen Vinyan getting rave reviews and full page spreads in Fangoria, I was quite eager to see it. It has even been billed as being the first of a new wave in ‘extreme cinema’. A couple who lost their … Continue reading

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