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Having survived the UK's 'video nasty' (prohibition) era I'm eager to catch up with all previously unseen sleaze and filth. I revel in mixtape oddness, boobage, gore, and proper latex special effects, don't get me started on CGI... - email Ronnie

RETARD-O-TRON III – It’s here!

Senador Pompeu That’s right folks. Those crazy peoples at Cinema Sewer and ZXQL3000 have teamed up again to bring us the third instalment of RETARD-O-TRON! YAAAYYYYYY!! You can purchase this madness on a circular slab of plastic (with a hole in the … Continue reading

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Frankenstein’s Army (2013) If a mix of old school Resident Evil and Silent Hill sounds right up your alley then read on. OK, everyone is now pretty much fed up with ‘found footage’ films and while Frankenstein’s Army (FA) does use it, it’s … Continue reading

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Some Movie Posters Wot I Really Likes

I was flicking through a shed-ton (technical term) of old movie posters on my computer when I realised that I could do a post on some of my favourites. Now, this is not my top 10 most favourite, it’s just … Continue reading

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Japanese Game Shows – I Still Love You!

I made a post about crazy Japanese game shows before here on MS, but most of the video links seem to be deceased. So, I thought I’d trawl the Intarwebz for more sleazy filth Japanese game shows for you.

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Zombie Ass : Toilet of the Dead (2011)

This is a tough one to review as I’m not sure if my copy was more funny because of the Engrish subtitles. My subs were taken from German subs that were converted to English via Google Translate. Never a good … Continue reading

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Grabbers (2012) – Drunken Irish Monster Shenanigans

I’m not sure how/why I noticed this film, but I’m glad I did. The premise of the film is simple: all Irish people are raging alcoholics. And as they said for Human Centipede: based on medical fact. I can best … Continue reading

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Backwater Madness!

Sorry for the lack of posts. Myself and Alex have been watching trash, but some of it has been so trashy we don’t even want to talk about it. Some (such as Timecrimes and Triangle) are awesome, but too difficult … Continue reading

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Drug Bust Doody – Hooray for plasticine gore!

Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet lately here at Midnight Showing. Real-life and all that jazz. As some sort of vain attempt at an apology, here’s some plasticine gore:

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My Favourite Hand Painted Movie Posters From Ghana

If you haven’t read my other post on the crazy world of hand painted movie posters from Ghana then I recommend ¬†you read it first. Well, only if you’re interested in the history of why these things even exist. If … Continue reading

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Dredd (2013) The Judge Dredd movie they should have made in the first place

I’ve just touched 40, I’m single, and a miserable old bastard. So, as you can imagine, on Christmas Day I’m pro-bah humbug. What did make me eventually crack a smile (on everyone’s favourite Pagan holiday) was to finally watch Dredd … Continue reading

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