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Kasangulu AlexI’m a 23 year old self-proclaimed Movie Enthusiast and Gorehound.  I love the red stuff, although I can watch movies without it just fine.  I just prefer that my stories have a little bloodletting, the more creative and brutal the better, if at all possible.

http://clublaptop.co.uk/>Abercrombie I was born and raised in suburban New Jersey, and then in my tender teens, was uprooted to live in suburban Maryland.  Not much of a difference, except Maryland is busier and has dumber sports fans.  OH, and another difference from NJ to MD is that our MD house isn’t haunted.  Maybe that why I and so endeared by horror movies, because I lived in a haunted house.  Now I live in Pennsylvania, a true haven on the eastern seaboard.

It was around this time (Late 90’s/Early 00’s) where I started seeing past the veil that most people view movies through.  I was started to see the art and the passion behind some of the best, and worst, movies I’d seen.  And then, I became statedly initiated into the house of horror.

My mom is to blame really.  She made me watch Halloween, and stopped changing channels one afternoon when Army of Darkness was on TV.  That did it.  It was off to the video rental store, where i picked up Evil Dead I and II.  I was off and running.

I love underground cinema.  Foreign stuff, domestic, doesn’t matter.  If it’s daring and deranged, chances are I’ll at least try to watch it.  That’s the trick though, finding the gems among the piles of rubble.

But that’s what the internet is for.  And hopefully Midnight Showing will help you find some of those little known gems, and stay away from the stinkers.

Find me on Facebook if you want to be my friend on the almighty interwebs.

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  1. Ronnie says:

    Why do you have a drawing – of a snake with a pole through it’s head – on the back of your neck? ;P

  2. bulldozer86 says:

    you haven’t seen “The Beyond” YET!!!!!!! OH MAN. CG that thing right now.

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