Five Non-Christmas Movies That You Can Watch On YouTube

If you’re anything like me you’re probably sitting there with no decorations up and muttering bah-humbug to yourself. Well, entertain yourself with these five crap films that are up, in their inglorious entirety, on the YouTubes. Dawn Of The Dead (Directors Cut);O=A Mahakaal (aka: Bollywood Nightmare On Elm Street) Ç?lg?n K?z ve Üç Süper Adam (aka: Mad Girl and 3 Supermen)


Wakiso Imprint (Masters Of Horror episode from Takashi Miike)


Ebola Syndrome

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Having survived the UK's 'video nasty' (prohibition) era I'm eager to catch up with all previously unseen sleaze and filth. I revel in mixtape oddness, boobage, gore, and proper latex special effects, don't get me started on CGI... - email Ronnie
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