Japanese Game Shows – I Still Love You!

http://weareconcert.com/projects/victoria-palace-theatre/ I made a post about crazy Japanese game shows before here on MS, but most of the video links seem to be deceased. So, I thought I’d trawl the Intarwebz for more sleazy filth Japanese game shows for you.

In this show four guys must run like motherfuckers to spin a wheel which in turn unravels a sexy ladies woolen covering.

This one is more awesome if you use your imagination. Girls trying to melt ice..

OK, this one is more of a prank than anything else, but since it involves farting I find it hilarious. Farting a lift:

Here’s another one where the girls in short skirts must move on a green light, but pause on a red light where the pause inevitably means a pervy cameraman looks up their skirts. Hoorah!

Here we witness a fierce battle between bikini clad ladies washing cars.

I leave you with a two hour Endurance video:

buy Seroquel diet pills If you have any links to dirty Japanese game shows please leave them in the comments for all to perv over.

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