Dredd (2013) The Judge Dredd movie they should have made in the first place

Dredd (2012)

Dredd (2012)

I’ve just touched 40, I’m single, and a miserable old bastard. So, as you can imagine, on Christmas Day I’m pro-bah humbug. What did make me eventually crack a smile (on everyone’s favourite Pagan holiday) was to finally watch Imola Dredd (2012).

Let me fill you in, I’ve been reading Judge Dredd in the pages of 2000AD since I was a nipper. Hearing that there was going to be a Judge Dredd movie made me giddy with delight. Then red with rage when Stallone took the helmet off. Never mind that the look of Dredd was missing. Thankfully this new Dredd movie ticks all the right boxes and I will from hereon in deny the existence of that ‘other’ movie.

Dredd starts off with a quick fly over of Mega-City One with Dredd explaining how it’s a cesspit. We’re then quickly treated to a slo-mo scene (the designer drug in the movie) which results in three men being skinned and thrown about ten stories to splat on the concrete. And, yes, you see the splat. Dredd and his rookie (a hot Judge Anderson) turn up and Dredd inspects the brains on the concrete. No, seriously:

Head go splat!

Head go splat!

Things get bad. Quickly. Ma-ma (the female drug kingpin, or is it queenpin) demands a lock down of the building and the immediate death of the two Judge’s.

Well, Dredd gets pissed at that point.

Yes, that's Dredd blowing a kids face off...

Yes, that’s Dredd blowing a kids face off…

The slo-mo stuff seems kinda gimmicky at the start, but it does come in useful for some gore scenes. As shown above.

When Ma-ma starts finding it difficult to take down Dredd and Anderson with some heavies, she goes bat-shit insane and has her minions gun down an entire level of the block to try and kill the Judges.

Now that's some BIG guns!

Now that’s some BIG guns!

After a five minute massacre scene Dredd get’s really pissed and it’s up to Anderson to loose her rookieness and man up (as it were).

There are obviously a few other plot points in there, but I don’t want to give too much away.

The special effects are really nice. There’s several good gunshot wounds, a head explosion, a hand being blown off, and several other niceties.

Yep, that's the Dredd I know!

Yep, that’s the Dredd I know!

The look and attitude of Dredd is spot on. It’s not 100% the same look we see today in the comic books, but the look they’ve given him is definitely in line with how Dredd originally appeared back in the day.

Watching Dredd definitely cheered me up on an otherwise bland Christmas Day. This is the film they should have made first time. How it wasn’t more popular in the cinemas I’ll never know. I just hope they’ll make more. Make one of these each year and I’m in!

Man, if they release a sequel with Judge Death, I swear I’ll soil myself with delight!

buy Lyrica online uk Rating: ★★★★☆

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