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With season three just around the corner (end of September) I think it’s time to review Surovikino Superjail.

Superjail is the animated bastard son of Robert Crumb and Happy Tree Friends. Each episode lays bare the crazy antics of said super jail which is built inside a volcano. The Warden obviously runs the show and is probably best described as a circus ringmaster more than anything else. Then there’s Jared (a ‘recovering alcoholic’) and Alice the butch/macho guard.

The first few episodes start with the same criminal getting busted and taken to Superjail. At some point in these episodes, and if you watch closely, you’ll see him escape at some point. It’s a nice touch that links all the episodes.

Look, it's Beavis with black hair and a mullet...

Look, it’s Beavis with black hair and a mullet…

Everything is OTT. Just a simple movement of a character can result in them turning to elastic or transforming. It’s like all those old 50’s cartoons, but on LSD. Seriously.

Trippy maaaaaaannn.....

Trippy maaaaaaannn…..

Gore, yes, there’s gore. Plenty of it too. It’s up there with the aforementioned Happy Tree Friends with the decapitations and general slicing and dicing.

Why yes, it IS a dinner lady with a chainsaw attacking prisoners who are dressed as wolves and bunnies.

Why yes, it IS a dinner lady with a chainsaw attacking prisoners who are dressed as wolves and bunnies.

The show is bat-shit insane and I fucking love it. I’m almost finished with season one, still have season two to watch and, by that time season three will be well under way.

buy real provigil Long may it last! Rating: ★★★★☆

Here’s the first glimpse I got of Avilés Superjail. For some reason all text in this YouTube episode is mirrored, but obviously it’s not when you watch DVD/TV episodes:

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