3 Dev Adam (aka: 3 Mighty Men, aka: Turkish Spiderman) 1973

3 Dev Adam (aka: 3 Mighty Men, aka: Turkish Spiderman)

3 Dev Adam (aka: 3 Mighty Men, aka: Turkish Spiderman)

Scrolling through the long list of reviews here on Midnight Showing I was surprised to find that I hadn’t reviewed my favourite super hero movie, 3 Dev Adam (aka: 3 Mighty Men) although more commonly known as The Turkish Spiderman. This film is a must for all exploitation fans and, yes, as the cover displays, this movie stars Captain America, Spiderman and Santo!

The movie begins with the evil crime lord instructing his lackeys to take care of the woman in front of them. They force her to back off and she falls down a hole. A nod from the boss tells them to fill the hole in trapping her with her head just above the sand. A couple of other henchmen start up the propeller motor on the boat and back the boat into her head. Eww!

Did I forget to mention that Spiderman is the crime lord? Oh, sorry, my bad. Is it the Spiderman? Well, not quite. This Spiderman is a tad chubby, has large eye holes in his mask which I can only assume are to set free his large bush rapist eyebrows. Superpowers? Uh, none. Although he does wield a mean flick knife.

Is that CGI? No, not him, the eyebrows!

That’s right. In this LSD-laced alternate Turkish universe Spiderman is the leader of the Spider crime outfit who buy antiques cheap, sell them on for profit then buy them back at high prices using fake cash. Taking him head-on are Santo, Captain America and (for reasons unknown) the Cap’s girlfriend. After some shenanigans (which really isn’t important) there’s a fight where the all American (but in Turkey) Cap actually kills Spiderman! But wait, he’s the main villan. Now what? Easy, there is more than just one Spiderman.

What a cotton pickin’ minute!

And so it goes on. After several Spidermen (who all look like the same guy) we reach the thrilling conclusion with (foreseeable) twist ending.

The film has as much storyline as it has budget. Captain America has no shield and Spiderman doesn’t even have the right outfit. Truth be told, I’ve seen better Spiderman pyjamas.

No matter though, this is still a ridiculously bad film that is horribly overlooked and should be watched just for the shits and giggles.

Rating: ★★★★☆

The entire film can be seen on YouTube at:

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