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Horror genre actor Bill Oberst Jr. (known for leads in Fearmakers’ DISMAL, director Michael Emanuel’s upcoming SCARY OR DIE with Corbin Bleu and The Asylum’s August release A HAUNTING IN SALEM in 3-D) has been attached to detach his wife’s head from her body in a fit of postcoital bliss for writer Jeff Palmer’s THE SILENCE OF WALTER SHELTIN, a fan-driven film scheduled for production in late 2011.

Palmer makes an appeal for fan funding in a video that Oberst calls “the funniest and most original Kickstarter video I’ve ever seen.” In the video, Palmer cradles an axe and talks to fans about the film while his offscreen wife’s nagging drives him closer and closer to the brink of murder until…


Oberst says “THE SILENCE OF WALTER SHELTIN is a purely fan-driven project. It’s not a money-making project so there’s no way we can do it without small donations. It is really a labor of love. Jeff Palmer’s script is skin-crawlingly creepy and a little funny and whole lot of fun. It’s the kind of little film that Rod Serling and Richard Matheson might have made on a weekend off from THE TWILIGHT ZONE or NIGHT GALLERY…a devoted husband has a romantic dinner and passionate sex with his hot wife, and then chops off her head. But why? The answer is even better than the murder. It is a great classic horror script.” A casting search is currently underway for the role of Walter Sheltin’s gorgeous wife.

Fans can pledge a small contribution toward the film’s production budget at  Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding site, so no pledges are collected unless the production makes its funding goal by the August 19th deadline. Several appreciation gifts are offered for pledges, including lunch with Oberst and Palmer at a swanky Hollywood restaurant, signed posters, DVDs and an autographed life-size stand-up of Bill as Walter Sheltin clothed in his wife’s blood and a strategically-placed axe (says Oberst, “I’m lobbying for one of Walter’s smoking hot wife in the same pose!“)

No one is making a dime on this picture,” says Oberst “it’s just a gift we want to wrap up, smear with a little blood and give to fans. I personally appreciate any help. Some films you do for money, some are just for love of horror. This is one of those. Thanks for helping us get it made and for keeping the fun of indie horror alive!

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