Mutant Girls Squad (2010)


Mutant Girls Squad (2010)

I loves me some mad Japanese goodness and Mutant Girls Squad looked right up my alley. In a manner of speaking.

From WikipediaRin (Yumi Sugimoto), a young high school student, is an unassuming and awkward girl who is bullied at school. One day, while being bullied, she feels a sharp pain in her hand. Later, Rin learns that she is a descendant of the ancient Hiruko clan, whose members are mutants gifted with superpowers. No sooner than she learns of this, that her home is raided by anti-Hiruko soldiers. Rin’s parents are killed and Rin barely escapes with her life. After killing an entire shopping district out of misunderstanding and grief-fueled rage, Rin meets Rei (Yuko Takayama), another mutant. Rei introduces Rin to a small rag-tag group of mutant rebels led by a transvestite samurai named Kisaragi (Tak Sakaguchi), who is bent on restoring the Hiruko clan’s place in the world.

The movie starts with Rin going to school and getting her ass kicked. Returning home, her 16th birthday party is a bit of a wash out due to some ‘cops’ turning up and slaughtering her parents. She ends up going completely bananas, which seems to awaken some mutant power that she didn’t know she had, and massacres an entire street full of people.

Now, when I say ‘cops’… they’re not your run of the mill ‘boys in blue’. Oh no. Not here, this is Japan. These folks have nose pistols. That’s right, they fire bullets from their schnoz:


That, somewhat phallic, nose is actually a gun!


Soon as I saw that I knew I was watching some Japanese oddness. Hoorah!

Rin then ends up in the company of some other oddbods. They are also mutants with their own special ‘powers’. Powers such as a butt-saw, samurai sword breasts and small arms and hands extending from one girls head. No, seriously, I’m not making it up. Look:


No anal then I take it?...

I've heard of nipples like coat hooks, but they're something else!

I hope that's not Belial!


Their tranny master is hell bent on a mutant uprising and will stop at nothing to make it happen. An assassination attempt on a military man turns into a massacre with, among other things, one mutant skewering a man on her tentacle arm by shoving it up his ass and out his mouth. Oh, and not forgetting the female ‘cop’ being skewered on a sword:


Samurai Holocaust


So, if you can follow that so far you’re doing better than me.

Rin and her mutant chums then stage a revolt against their transgendered leader effectively forming the Mutant Girls Squad.

In case you were in any doubt, this film is fucking nuts. I rank it up there with my other fucking nuts film, Tokyo Gore Police. Like TGP, MGS is chock full of gore. Not your serious, trying-to-be-realistic gore, but the usual Japanese OTT gore with blood spraying everywhere.

The effects range from latex to CGI. Some of the blood effects are blatantly CGI (since blood is spraying everywhere yet hardly anyone has blood on them) as are some of the less practical effects, such as a man with the top of his head cut off and his brain unravelling, and peoples heads being sliced horizontally in three. The practical effects range from tentacle arms, rubber moulds for chest plates, and faces being sliced open:


Yeah, you might need a little elastoplast for that one dear...


At the end of the movie I sat there, stunned, thinking “that was fuckin’ awesome!“. Trust me, that’s a good sign. Suspend all disbelief and seriousness, watch MGS, and find out whey Japanese films are SO much better than Hollywood could ever dream of doing.

Rating: ★★★★½



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