Cinema Sewer – Vol. 2


Cinema Sewer - Vol. 2

If you’ve read Cinema Sewer before, or have Volume One (which I reviewed right buy cenforce 200 online here) then you’ll know what to expect in Volume Two. As it says on the cover: ‘the adults only guide to history’s sickest and sexist movies‘.


The book begins with an article on Colleen Brennan (porn star) and flows effortlessly to some disturbing info on Leonard Schrader. After a couple of entertaining ‘toons we get an article on ‘bong babes’. Hint: it involves bongs, babes, and asses. An interview with Lee Caroll is followed by a brief article on sick comics. Always a good thing.

In fact, looking back on it, there’s a lot of porn in Volume Two. Not that I’m complaining. Although Mr. Bougie does come a cropper after watching one of the Kit Kat Experiment movies.  😀

The article on roller derby took me back to my childhood when I used to watch it on Saturday night on cable here in the UK, man it was funny. This was pre-WWF days remember.

I’ve tittered many times over the (many!) farting preacher videos, but never realised who he was until now. Sometimes referred to as pastor gas we learn that he was more of a schister than anything.

Also liked the interview regarding the possibility of Thriller 2 (a sequel to ‘They Call Her One Eye‘, aka: Thriller). Although, the review of the Fleshlight wasn’t good for my imagination. You can imagine yourself how Robin *ahem* ‘tested’ out the *ahem* ‘unit’.

Robin’s ’25 Best Movies Adapted From Comic Books’ may cause some controversy (Akira should have been higher on the list methinks), but they’re all solid entries.

At 186 pages (not including the awesome index) this is a wealth of sleazy information. Get it! These volumes combined make it a veritable encyclopaedia of filth. Hoorah!

buy neurontin online without dr approval Rating: ★★★★★

Volume Three (as I write) is up for pre-order, so go get your copy today!


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