Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) Review

They weren't fucking around with the title.

Rutger Hauer is no stranger to us here at Midnight Showing, and he shouldn’t be a stranger to you either.  Most famous for his role opposite Harrison Ford in the Ridley Scott directed sci-fi/dystopian classic Blade Runner, Hauer has carved out an…interesting resume of films including one where he played a blind swordsman.  Now he can add homeless folk hero to that list.  Jason Eisner, director of the Killer Christmas Tree Rampage short TREEVENGE (which is available to watch for free just about everywhere on the damn internet) has adapted another one of his shorts into a feature length Grindhouse opus which delivers in every way it’s audacious title promises and then some.

The story is a simple one but works well thanks to its lack of unnecessary complications.  A mysterious homeless man rides into a town run by a super evil scumbag criminal and his gang, and our heroic hobo decides that he has seen enough of the filth and urban decay and take matters into his our hands, 12 gauge style.  From that point on, which is relatively early in the film, we are treating to a back and forth battle between the hobo and the garbage of the city in quite the gore laden fashion.  Outside of the nearly relentless violence and top-notch, cgi-less blood splattering and viscera, Hauer weighs in with a captivating performance that seems almost out of place in a film like this because it’s so incredibly effective.  Wrap this package up with some heavy-handed but non the less accurate social commentary and observations, and an ending that is the perfect definition of bitter sweet, and you have the makings of and incredible film that has sky-rocketed to the top of my 2011 list.  Break bot your legs to see this flick.

Rating: ★★★★½


One half of "The Plague." I'll let your imagination do the work on what these badasses are all about.

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  1. James Vilgos says:

    Awesome review, Alex!

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