Gamera 2: Assault of the Legion (1996)


Gamera 2: Assault of the Legion

Yep, that’s right. The big flying turtle is Seroquel prescription BACK! And, wow, this one was a big surprise! If you need to be brough up to speed on the other big G, check out my review of Gamera (1).


Big G’s lesser known brother ( 1800 mg neurontin Gamera) returns, once again, to save Tokyo from ‘the Legion’. As IMDb says: A strange meteor lands in Japan unleashing hundreds of insect-like “legion” creatures which find their way into Tokyo. When the military fails to control the situation, Gamera shows up to deal with the ever-evolving space adversary.

OK, first thing I noticed about Gamera 2 is that it’s definitely no kids film. Seconds after the fifteen minute mark we see an underground train driver about to be attacked by a Legion creature. I expected it to be the usual driver-escapes-in-the-nick-of-time thing, or the creature would give him a nasty bruise, but no. We cut to the cabin, hear a scream, see the drivers hand come up, into the shot, and blood spray everywhere!

This a Japanese monster movie? But there's blood, surely there's some mistake!


Totally wasn’t expecting that!

Anyway, the army aren’t doing much to hinder the Legion, and that’s when Gamera shows up on the scene. He launches a giant stream of fire at the Legion pod (which was ready to launch a ton of new Legion beasties) and whoops it’s ass. Unfortunately the millions of legion creatures attack Gamera, covering him completely and force him to retreat and launch into space. Meanwhile, some scientists search for information on Gamera on the Internet:


Netscape! Yaaayyy! Ahh, them were the days!


As the citizens are evacuated we meet up again with the girl from the first Gamera (in this ‘trilogy’) who seems to have a mental connection to Gamera via her little cashew shaped pendant.

Gamera makes a reappearance when another Legion pod appears. This time Gamera attacks them using what looks like some sort of nuke! He whoops them, but pretty much kills himself!


Uh oh, that can't be good. Bad Gamera, BAD GAMERA!


Tokyo is now defenseless against the Legion since Gamera toasted himself. Cue Huey Lewis singing The Power Of Love. As the citizens hold a candle-lit vigil at the toasted remains of Gamera their love (or something) ressurects Gamera and he (or she!) bursts forth to whoop ass once again. Hoorah for candles!


That's some bad indigestion there...


Well, needless to say, Gamera kicks the legions ass and all is good for Tokyo. Well, once they rebuild it that is…

I liked the first in this unofficial trilogy but I gotta admit that this one was even better! It had blood, monsters, fire, explosions… only thing missing was boobs, but ya can’t have everything. Otherwise it’d be 5.5 out of 5. Meppel Roll on Gamera 3!

Rating: ★★★★☆



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