The Walking Dead: TV series – OMG a decent comic book adaptation!

The Walking Dead (Issue 1)

On the off chance that you’ve been living under a stone, and didn’t know, The Walking Dead was originally a comic book (left) which has recently been filmed as a TV mini-series. Only episode one has been aired (as of writing) with episode two being aired shortly.

The basic story is as thus: A cop, shot in the line of duty, wakes up in hospital. He has no idea that he’s been in a coma and that the world has gone quite horribly tits-up. He leaves the hospital and stumbles around town eventually heading home to find his wife and kid missing. He’s then befriended by a survivor and his son. The stage is set for our hero to try and find his wife and kid.

Now, since this is a TV series, I assumed it’d  be dumbed down, bloodless and have no gore.

*buzzer* wrong!

I’ve only read a couple of issues of the comic book but the TV series seems like a faithful adaptation. Right from the get-go we see a rotting corpse in the hospital, a whole parking lot full of wrapped up bodies, flies everywhere, then a torso (no hips or legs) guts hanging loose in the park!

No, I'm OK, it's only a flesh wound...

So far so good!

Only thing is, it’s a bit of a slow start, but once the initial story is set up, the crying is done, it’s all systems go with our hero tooled up and on horse back.

It’s only episode one, but I’m eager to see how episode two will pan out since (of course) episode one ends on a cliffhanger.

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One Response to The Walking Dead: TV series – OMG a decent comic book adaptation!

  1. I liked the show. I was entertained… I’ll agree that it could have been a tad better due to some errors I found other that that it was great.

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