Sharktopus (2010) – more Corman craziness!

Sharktopus (2010)

OK, this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Months ago the trailer for glacially Sharktopus was posted online and right there and then I wanted to see it. I’ve had to wait nearly two months for this baby, was it worth it? Read on…

Tsushima Plot (ha ha!): the Government has developed a part shark, part octopus, beast which will be their super weapon in the war against drugs (which I think the movie makers were taking copious amounts of). But the creature breaks free from their control and havok ensues.

OK, first things first: the monster is awesome. Not only does it eat people in the water, it drags people into the water and eats them. But what if they’re on dry land? No problem, our super shark/octopus can walk on land! That’s right folks, somehow this beast can breathe on land. I’ve no idea how, but it’s great. Vive la genetics!


Second, it all takes place on the beach, so there’s a shed-load of bikini clad laydeez! No boobies though, this is SyFy, awww. Sad. But there is blood! purchase Quetiapine Yaayyy!

Obviously the story is ridiculous, the acting is average at best and what is Eric Roberts doing here? I’ve no idea. I reckon he’s seen the creature design thought, fuck yeah!, and signed up. And I don’t blame him, it is a great idea.

The effects are hit and miss. Sometimes it’s a rubber tentacle, sometimes it’s CGI. The CGI is, on its own, in some cases pretty good, but when it’s interwoven with people footage it’s a bit shoddy. But, hey, this IS low budget…

Was it worth the wait? Mmm… kinda. It could have been soooo much better (ie: more sharktopus and attacks) but as it is it’s still a fun, funny, movie. Doesn’t even try and take its self seriously, and that I do like!

Rating: ★★★½☆



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