Frog-g-g! (2004)

Frog-g-g! (2004)

I expected nothing but bad acting from this film, but within the first four minutes, I was willing to keep watching.


Because the two main characters are a couple of lesbians. Kinda hot ones at that.

Anyway, I suppose I should start off with the ‘plot’. I’m too lazy to write my own, so I’ll steal it from

Chemical waste seeps into a small town’s water supply, causing the birth of a mutant FROG-G-G which is instinctively driven to mate with its genetic match – human women. Sexy EPA super-agent Dr Barbara Michaels tracks the Frog-g-g’s every move, fighting off corrupt good-ol’-boy politicians and drunken rednecks at every turn. No one in town believes her, or the evidence, until the shocking climax when the Frog-g-g is finally brought to justice… or IS it…?

So, that’s the plot. Like I was watching it for it’s riveting turn of events? Hell no, I was watching it for:

Boobies within the four minute mark is a good sign as far as I'm concerned! Yay for the under represented!

After the boobs, we see the corrupt plant owner forcing employees to bury toxic waste in the middle of butt-fuck-nowhere.  Right after that we learn that one of the dykes (her on the left in the photo above) is in town and investigating some eco-whatsitsface.  After speaking to some old inbred man she’s shown what may, or may not, be a mutation:

uh, yeah, there's something not quite right with that frog...

This needs some serious testing! So it’s off to her lab for a good frog dissection. After that she’s almost attacked so now she must head for the shower and show yet more breast. inwards Yay! Then it’s off to visit the Sheriff who is in cahoots with the plant owner! (boo-hiss!) But fear not, for our eco-dyke has evidence against the plant owner to show that giant mutations are taking place.

After a car crash our Frog-g-g makes an appearance. Mainly by raping some random chick:

Just repeat to yourself: it's a man in a suit, it's a man in a suit...

So, uh, yeah… some other stuff happens and then cums the second attack of the humping frog-g-g:

Uh, no, wait - that's not the attack, that's a completely unnecessary shot of some cheerleaders. Go fit-chicks!

Then, after some other stuff eco-dyke tracks down the Frog-g-g and distracts him with some fine humanoid flesh:

you wanna piece a' me? FUUUUCCCKKK MEEEEEEEE!!!! (no, seriously, that's the dialogue to go with this photo)

then whacks him in the nuts with a tyre iron.

And that’s about it. The plot is corny as hell, the acting actually isn’t bad, effects are lame but it did have plenty of boobage, so I kinda liked it! It’s a great movie to watch for boobs, brief clips of cheerleaders and general no-brain action.

Ogden Rating: ★★★☆☆ Trailer:

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  1. frog god says:

    I hope they will make a sequel or a hentai

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