[REC] 2 (2009)

REC 2 (2009)

If you haven’t read my review of this article [REC] (aka: REC 1, or Quarantine in the case of the US ‘remake’) then do so. It’s a cracking film.

http://tiffaneejacob.com/tag/cross/ [REC] 2 picks up the very second [REC] ended, I shant spoil the end of either film in this review, but [REC] 2 begins with a SWAT team heading toward the building we saw in [REC]. They’re briefed before entering the building that they must clear the building, but also escort the Doctor who will go in with them. One member of the team is the main camera man but each SWAT team member has their own helmet-mounted camera.

Quarter way in to the movie we’re given an explanation for the virus which started in [REC] and it’s really quite a novel idea. Obviously, I’m not going to give that away in this review as that’d screw everything up and you’d hate me. No, seriously, you would. In fact it might even make you not watch [REC] 2 and I can’t have that.

Around the half-way mark the SWAT team, and Doctor, realise that somehow some kids have gotten in to the building and must be found.

Now, rather than just have one camera for the whole film, the writers neatly overlap several different cameras. So, for example (again, without giving anything away) the SWAT team (via their camera man) spot the kids downstairs and race down to try and get them. Later on in the movie we switch to a camera of kids goofing around on a rooftop/balcony. They end up in the [REC] building and we see some SWAT team guys running down stairs to get them, the kids run and hide. So, that one scene is seen from two cameras and that neatly ties things together, and that happens several times. buy gabapentin online cheap Nice!

The end of [REC] was quite unexpected, and a nice twist, [REC]2 is the same, a twist ending without being tacky.

The effects are more than adequate, plenty of head-shots (one with a decap no less!) and lots of blood on the infected folk. The story is excellent as, like I said above, it ties in several camera views to one story overlapping them and explaining the virus. Visually there’s the usual battery meters on screen, crackling pictures but this time we have the addition of picture-in-picture views from some of the SWAT team cameras never is the shaky-cam too much to bear.

Make no mistakes about it, [REC] 3 is confirmed for 2011. This could well be my favourite new movie franchise!

where can i buy Ivermectin Rating: ★★★★½

[REC]2 trailer:

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