Werewolf (TV series) Pilot episode 1987

Having had a successful run with The A-Team, its creators were pretty much Gods and could do as they pleased. And please they did, for in 1987 the pilot of Werewolf was shown.

Werewolf ran for only 29 episodes (commonly known as Series 1) and was then cancelled, series two – sadly – never materialised.

Ted is Eric’s room mate, unfortunately Ted is also a werewolf. One night Ted tells his story to Eric and asks Eric to shoot him with his new gun, loaded with silver bullets. Eric eventually does kill him, but not before he’s accidentally bitten by Ted. Now Eric is werewolf and the only way to rid himself of the curse is to track down and kill the originator of the bloodline. But Eric is on trial for Ted’s murder so there’s a bounty hunter after Eric.

OK, so the story and acting isn’t going to get it any oscars, but what about the effects? They’re actually pretty damn good for a cheap 80’s TV show. You might have heard of the fx guy before.

None other than one Mr. Rick Baker!

werewolf - tv series

and he's the good guy!

Yes, THAT Rick Baker, he of American Werewolf in London. On short notice and short budget he cranked out a pretty damned ugly pair of werewolves. Pair? Yep, y’see we get to see the bloodline originator transform too!

Yes, you get to see some facial distortions and what-not...

Yes, you get to see some facial distortions and what-not...

It’s a shame it didn’t run longer as I’m sure it would have been a cracking TV series. All the good TV shows end prematurely while the crap lingers on like a bad smell. It’s never even been giving a DVD release as apparently they couldn’t get the rights to use some of the songs that’s in the show. So, for now we’ll have to do with some dodgy downloads of the episodes. Thank God someone managed to capture them all for posterity sakes!

Rating: ★★★☆☆ <– really a 2.5, but giving it a +0.5 for showing plenty of bad 80’s clothing and hairstyles at the beginning.

For more information on Werewolf: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf_%28TV_series%29

A quick clip from the pilot:

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