Grindhouse (2007)

Grindhouse (2007)

Grindhouse (2007) Grindhouse is a 42nd Street style double feature comprising of Rodriguez’s Planet Terror (reviewed here) and Tarantino’s Death Proof (reviewed here). Before, after and between the two films are trailers for (non-existent) movies. Both movies, mainly Planet Terror, have added grain to give them that extra 70’s feel.

This review isn’t about Planet Terror or Death Proof, you can read those reviews separately, this is about the package as a whole.

As you can see from the poster on the left, and for the two movie posters, they’ve gone for the grungy tatty look, which I really like. Definitely gives the posters that old look. The films themselves have, like I mentioned, that old look too, most evident in Planet Terror where you can see the vertical lines running down the right side of the screen (in this scene, shown below) with dirt effects added too.

The start of the package is trailers for films that don’t actually exist.

The first trailer is directed by Robert Rodriguez for ‘Machete’ which I reckon looks pretty spiffing and intellectually SHOULD be a film!


Someone make this a full film, it looks AWESOME!

Then we’re in to Planet Terror. After Planet Terror we’re treated to Rob Zombie’s trailer for ‘Werewolf Women Of The SS’

Werewolf Women of the SS

I'd still watch it though... Werewolf Women of the SS! Hey, isn't that just Rob Zombie wearing an SS outfit?...

which looks pretty cool, but not as action packed as Machete, and then we get some food ads and another trailer, ‘Don’t’, by Edgar Wright which is the typical spooky house thing then ‘Thanksgiving’, from Eli Roth, which if I went to that thanksgiving party, I’d be pretty excited!:


Well, looks like someone enjoyed themselves at that 'Thanksgiving'!

Then Death Proof starts, which is the end of the package.

Like I said, this rating doesn’t include the movies, they get their own ratings, but the double feature idea, old posters, grainy film and fake trailers are a great idea and definitely something that brings back fond memories. I was never in 42nd Street, or in grindhouse theaters, but I grew up renting badly worn VHS tapes of crappy films that began (and ended) with similar trailers, so this I love!

order stromectol Rating: ★★★★½ <– gets a 4 but with +0.5 for the Machete trailer having topless women.

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