Captains Pride – Volume 33 (Restored)

Captains Pride - Volume 33 (Restored)

Captains Pride - Volume 33 (Restored)

With a short film, comes a short review. And with a film that only runs a ball hair’s width over six minutes, this won’t take long.

First, the inevitable IMDb/Internet info:         .

Yes, that’s right, a search for this movie draws a complete blank. The file I have is called buy Ivermectin for humans Captains Pride Volume 33 Restored. That’s all I know about it. There’s no intro, no credits, nothing. Very odd, as whoever made this deserves some credit.

The first minute or so shows a girl, trapped in a cage. She’s then unceremoniously dragged from the cage kicking like a mule. Not screaming though. No Sir! But that’s probably because there’s no sound with this film.

The entire six minutes have nothing but old fashioned projector sounds ticking away. And, to give it more authenticity, the film makers have applied some effects to give it that old your-not-supposed-to-have/see-this look, which works quite well.

Once the girl is out of the cage she’s tied to a table (by a gentleman wearing a rather fetching Motorhead t-shirt), gets her ear lobbed off with an open razor by said man, gets raped (no nudity though) by another man who just happens to be wearing a rather dapper mexican wrestlers mask, she then gets her throat ripped open by the first guy, using a saw. buy neomercazole 5 mg with credit card Nasty!

But that’s how we like it here at Midnight Showing, and this is a nice little short. The six minutes whizz past and kinda make me want more. I’m sure if these folks had maybe 30 minutes, even 90 minutes, they’d probably come up with some pretty special. Someone find out who these people are… I have questions, and I want answers.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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