Babylon Fields (2007) Pilot episode

Babylon Fields (2007) pilot episode Khvoy Babylon Fields existed only as a pilot episode which has never been officially released. But thanks to people recording and capturing such things we can watch a VHS-style rip of it.

The basic idea behind Babylon Fields is zombies, but not your bog standard brain munching, slow moving, arms extended, falling over things, zombies. By golly no. These zombies (for reasons unknown) return from the dead, fully thinking, and return to their loved-ones, former homes and previous life.

A male cop with a fancy for one of the female officers is first to hear of something strange happening. As he discovers that the dead are rising he realises that one of the risen is, more than likely, his wife! Not only that, but a happy house of mother and daughter are shocked to find that the former father/husband is back and is just as abusive now as he was before his death. And this is where it takes a twist.

No, I didn't leave town...

No, I didn't leave town...

As two zombies discuss their deaths, one from cancer, the abusive husband/father finds out that his wife told people that he’d left town. Fumbling through things in a closet he comes across an axe head which just happens to fit the gaping hole in the back of his head, so now we have him on the hunt for his murderer (aka: wife, we assume) since we also find out he was a former cop.

"I went to try and find my parents, but there's some Puerto Ricans living there..."

So not only are the zombies trying to go back to having a ‘normal’ life, they’re also (in some cases) hellbent on revenge.

But that’s about as much as we’ll ever find out, as the show was canceled by CBS. Apparently due to the lead character receiving a kiss from his undead wife, aka: necrophelia

Babylon Fields - necrophelia

Necrophelia! Run for your undead lives!!!!

I call it a lame excuse as this could have been a good show with, quite literally, hundreds of potential characters, from many different eras in time, wanting to know how they died, get revenge or just keep on living.

content Shame on you CBS, this could have been good!

Tijuana Rating: ★★★☆☆

You can watch a clip from the pilot on YouTube:

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