B-Videos 101, Vol.1 – more mixtape madness!

The dangers of fake suntan - mass suicides!

So, this mixtape, http://cliftonpest.com.au/public/.env B-Videos 101, Vol.1, starts off with this really creepy looking old guy. Not only is he babbling on about the end of the world, but he sports an amazing fake tan.

Oh, wait, it’s just the Heavens Gate crackpot.

After a stop-motion toy shop orgy with dildos and inflatable dolls we get some old clips from The Daily Show followed by some mad preacher clips. I do like mad preacher clips.

After a clip of a dancing midget we get a rather hot contortionist chick dressed in a white leotard. Oh my!

Next… well, even this had me staring at the TV and thinking ‘what the fuck?!’ It’s a sex-ed video with a rather retarded looking girl asking about periods.

And remember: never trust anything that bleeds for days and doesn't die.

That’s right, Vacaria periods. So for the next ten minutes we have her mother and sister explaining a Japanese flag to her. Very odd, but then we get to rock out to some KISS which is actually a news item about some God-squad nuts who were trying to get their concerts banned. Can I start a non-religious movement where we go around closing bibles and burning churches? Oh no, sorry, burning bibles and closing churches. Oops, my bad.

Dancing, deformed, strip-show anyone? I’m not even going to try and explain it. Behold:

Yes, she does go topless Alex...

Yes Alex, she does go topless...

After the half-way mark we get a couple of spoof ads, short films and animations oh, and a lengthy segment of what looks like The Osmonds doing Star Wars on stage. We finish with a rather arty chick who sticks paint up her ass and fires it at a wall, I should try that, might actually sell them.

If that's not paint, she needs to stop eating her veg with tomato sauce.

It’s a solid mixtape full of unusual weirdness (aka: retarded kid asking about periods) it’s only downside is that it’s obviously from the VHS era so the picture quality isn’t top-notch, but that didn’t bother me.

order Ivermectin Rating: ★★★★☆

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