Dead Men Walking (2005) review

Dead Men Walking (2005)

Zerbst Dead Men Walking (2005)

The blue tinted cover features a Yul Brynner (ask your dad) look-a-like which gives the impression that this might be some kind of Dawn of the Dead rip-off, but it’s not. Far from it. The basic story idea is pretty sound: a man (who has contracted the zombie virus) is sent to a maximum security prison, once there he goes full zombie, attacks/infects inmates and staff and the entire prison is starting to become over-run with zombies…

While our zombie zero, Travis, is turning full zombie on us, a Government agent turns up to interview him. Unfortunately, by the time she gets there, Travis has infected several staff members and ended up getting his head blown off. Like the warden says, ‘prison isn’t for everyone.’

Yeah, you look a bit pale there son...

Yeah, you look a bit pale there son...

She interrogates Johnny, who shared a prison van with Travis, he’s too busy trying to bargain his way out to realise anything is awry, until he sees ol’ Travis’s handy work in the form of a zombie’d up Doctor (Hermann?) Goring attacking other staff members, this brings about the best one liner in the entire movie, from the bad-ass guard:

Someone wanna tell me why I had to do that? I do NOT like shooting staff members God dammit!

'Someone wanna tell me why I had to do that? I do NOT like shooting staff members God dammit!'

From here on in the prison is, of course, on lock-down and under quarantine and our Government agent, and Johnny, join forces to stay alive and try to escape the prison.

The whole movie is shot in shaky-cam but it’s not vomit inducing shaky-cam, the actors are good (for a low budget flick) and the special effects are more than adequate for gunshots and what-not. Only one boobage scene though which is a shame. Like I said at the start, the basic idea is a good one in that everyone is locked down tight in a prison with this virus running rampant and no-one can get out. My only qualm is with the ending, the first part of the ending should have been THE END, but it continues and its official end is just cheap. Boo hiss to it.

This movie gets a bad rap on IMDb and various other sites but screw them, I like this movie, it has plenty of action and movement.

where can i buy modafinil canada Rating: ★★★½☆

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