Cinema Sewer – Volume One

Cinema Sewer - Vol.1

Cinema Sewer - Vol.1

Cinema Sewer is a fanzine written, and self-published, by writer and comic book artist Robin Bougie (who also had a hand in the Retard-o-tron mixtape that I reviewed right HERE). Volume One takes all the best bits from the first twelve issues and tosses in some previously unpublished rants, reviews and what-not.

The book begins with an intro from Mr. Bougie explaining the background of Cinema Sewer (the magazine) in his own inimitable style.

Did I mention that Mr. Bougie hand-writes Cinema Sewer? As in with pen on paper. No desktop publishing software here, no Sir! It gives CS a very amateur, homemade, feel and it’s littered with many rude, crude and funny comic strips and drawings. Basically, I love it.

The action starts with a couple of 1960’s porn reviews, Mr. Bougie is a pr0n afficionado. Then it’s a review of Kekko Kamen (the female, naked, super-hero). Then he treats us mere mortals to reviews of adult movies such as Flying Sex Man, and Tampon Tango. Then it’s reviews of the …Death videos (Faces of Death, Traces of Death etc.) then several pages of Robin gushing over good ol’ 8mm film. He has (or had?) an actual projector! I knew I wanted to check eBay for something, dammit!

After a brief interview with Ralph Bakshi (Wizards rules!) we get a quick run down on the life and times of Long Jeanne Silver, the one legged porn star who used to pump people with her leggy stump! No, seriously, I’m not making it up, it’s on page 28! After another eight or ten pages of porn reviews and discussions we get an article on Lolo Ferarri. After some rants we get an article on Bumfights, remember that folks? Several pages on Thing (aka: worst film ever made, not to be confused with The Thing), The Stamp Show is one of several Japanese TV shows mentioned, all of which inspired me to write my article on Japanese game shows. Following a few sleazy movie reviews we get the inevitable article on snuff movies (are they, aren’t they) an article on the life of Linda Lovelace (aka: Deep Throat) and an article on people who killed themselves live on TV. The article written by a fellow who dabbled in porn, and still does, is quite interesting – as is the article on ‘is porn abuse?’.

Although it sounds like it’s just chock full of schoolboy smut and silly articles, it’s not. Some of the articles are seriously written, some have many a nugget of information, and some are thought provoking articles that certainly made me get up off my fat ass and do my own research (aka: Google searches.) It’s an awesome book that ANYONE reading this site MUST own.

Buy it! BUY IT NOW!

Rating: ★★★★★

Paperback, 192 black & white pages (heavily illustrated).
Published: May 2009 (Second Edition is reviewed above)
Price: UK £11.99, US $19.95

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  1. bvince says:

    Love this site. Have plenty of audio/video/print material I could send you guys for review. If you liked “Scumbag,” you haven’t seen anything left. I’ve done everything from video compilations, to cd mixtape music productions, to underground comics. Drop me a line at


    Vince Brusio

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