Japanese Gameshows – Oh How I love You…

Our friends in the Far East certainly know how to keep themselves entertained. While we (in the UK) are ‘treated’ to dull, bland, shows – the Japanese have hilarious gameshows coming out their ears!

I was inspired to write this little article after reading of ‘The Stamp Show‘ in Cinema Sewer – Vol. 1 (great book by the way, a review of it is coming soon). The idea is thus: one of the team drops an inflatable dice and whichever number is facing up means the person with that number on their t-shirt gets the crap knocked out of them from the rest of the team, using paper fans, behold:

Here are a few choice pieces I found while scouring the Intarwebz:

Since I don’t speak Japanese I have to assume the aim of this game. It seems to me that they have to say the sentence within a short space of time and if they get it wrong (or don’t say it fast enough?) then a spring loaded device shoots up and gives them a whack in the sack.

In this one, a group of women wearing cute pussy-cat ears must head towards a vertical pole and lick an ice-lolly (well, I think it’s an ice-lolly) although a few of them seem to get somewhat carried away with it. Ironically, YouTube has this ice-lolly licking clip marked as being possibly offensive!

This one is certainly odd, but shows just how easily fooled us men could be in the Far East. Here, men are dressed as women and given scores on their femininity. Some look more feminine than masculine… how worrying!

Man vs Beetles. Not just any beetles, but Hercules Beetles which (according to Wikipedia, so it must be true):  is said to be the strongest creature on earth for its size, able to carry 850 times its own body weight. Who will win in this epic battle!

A stroke of genius this one. Madam, if we were to pour coins upon your bosom, how much could it carry? Well, here we find out. I want the finding-the-coins-hidden-in-the-bra job…

In this clip the man must lay face down and slide gently towards the womans cleavage but not plant his face in there. Why not? Because if he does he’ll get an electric shock…

And finally, a game show which is absolute, fucking genius. Women must tackle an assault course but (on some unseen/heard cue) must freeze. While frozen a camera man then moves between the women looking up their skirts. Fantastic!

And, yes, I am jealous. If we had TV like that in the UK I’d never leave the house! Oh, wait, I don’t leave the house anyway… well, if we did have TV like that I’d be recording it 24/7!

If you have any quality (ie: funny/pervy) Japanese TV clips, post them here as a comment for all to snigger/leer at.

TIP: if you can get ahold of three videos called Japanarama GET THEM! They are full of Japanese TV madness and are utterly hilarious. Some sites may have them as a download, but I couldn’t possibly tell you where they are. NOTE: not to be confused with JapanOrama which is a crappy UK TV programme.

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