Midnight 2: Sex, Death and Videotape

I was hoping for more sex and death

I was hoping for more sex and death

I was all ready to watch forgotten 80s devil worship/road movie/slasher Midnight, but they took it off instant view on Netflix. Coincidentally I happened to have this little cubic zirconium at home having ordered it due to my fondness for Kingdom of the Vampire, which also stars Matthew Jason Walsh. I don’t know what I thought Midnight 2 was a sequel to but somehow I didn’t connect the two until I read the description on the envelope.

Now I don’t have to watch Midnight, since Midnight 2 has flashbacks which include the ending of Midnight. This movie is what it is. Budget with a lot of heart. Early 90s SOV, directed by John Russo and edited by J.R. Bookwalter.

Abraham Barnes, the lone survivor of the Satan-worshipping family in the first movie comes back 13 years later to share his thoughts on life and his sick but sweet search for true love. He tells us at the beginning he is making a sequel to Silence of the Lambs, and as in that movie, I found myself easily rooting for the serial killer. I hope that was the intention of the filmmaker.

Walsh as Abraham Barnes does a Crispin Glover with a sense of humor, and you can’t wait to see everyone else die. It’s just that not enough of them do and only one gets naked. This movie has a great concept: a killer breaks the fourth wall. And his narrative is entertaining. But couldn’t the killer have had a fetish for Super 8? I wish film was not so expensive! Thank God we now have DV and filters to make it look like film.

Oh well, this will just give me the motivation to finally watch The Dead Next Door.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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