Extreme Bad Luck: Fatal bus-wheelchair accident probed

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Look out! Agghh! SMASH!!!

Look out! Agghh! SMASH!!!

I find it humorous when articles say something is being ‘probed’  😀

Philadelphia police and SEPTA officials continued their investigation yesterday into the death of a man in a wheelchair who was struck by a Route 47 bus at Eighth Street and Girard Avenue on Friday afternoon.

Milton Boneta, 61, was crossing Eighth Street in his motorized wheelchair when the bus hit him while making a left turn, police said.

In a tragic twist of fate, police said, Boneta lost a leg in September when a SEPTA bus hit him near the same location. “That’s why he was in a wheelchair,” said Sgt. Lawrence Ritchie of the Accident Investigation Division.

About two dozen passengers were on the bus when Boneta was hit shortly after 4 p.m. No one else was injured. Witnesses said the wheelchair had gotten lodged under the bus and dragged about 100 feet before the bus veered onto the curbless sidewalk and came to a halt. Boneta was pronounced dead at the scene.

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2 Responses to Extreme Bad Luck: Fatal bus-wheelchair accident probed

  1. hooba says:

    What can be said? “Live and learn”…no, he died
    “lightening does strike twice in the same spot!”…actually a bus.
    Love it, Ronnie! Thanks again.

  2. Ronnie says:

    It’s a new phenomenon, bus-shaped lightning. 😀

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