Japanese Spiderman – Episode 1 for streaming (and downloading)

You didn’t even know there was a Japanese Spiderman TV series? Shame on you! Well, okay, most people don’t know it, but there was indeed a Japanese Spiderman and, truth be told, it whooped the ass of the US TV series.

Produced by Toei Company in the late 1970s, the series follows the exploits of motorcycle racer turned super hero Takuya Yamashiro (not Peter Parker), as he slings and swings, battling the evil Iron Cross Army along the way.

Some Japanese Spidey goodness:

Japanese Spiderman - episode 1

Japanese Spiderman - episode 1

Not only does he kick ass, he has a mech too!

Not only does he kick ass, he has a mech too!

Anyway… head over to the Marvel site (below) to watch episode 1 in all it’s 70’s glory and with subtitles!

Source: http://www.marvel.com/news/moviestories.7114.Watch_Japanese_Spider-Man_on_Marvel

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