This is my first post here, and I want to introduce myself first. Im just a College student with a big dream..of teaching english overseas (im going for interpretation, and translation) I love cult movies, and the Z grades. One more thing im a huge geek, and I drool all over John Constantine, and anything Hellblazer related.
Anyway its officially 09′, and the movie I bring before you stars a then unknown Tom Hanks. It was based on a book by Ronna Jaffe. This movie is on the forefront of Dungeons and Dragons is Dangerous movies. Basically Tom Hanks character “Robbie”is a great big fan of the game Mazes, and monsters. So much so that he flunked out of school. That is why he is at another nondescript university. There at his roomy little abode of suckness he finds a gang of mazes, and monsters players.
So of course they have a really bad gaming session with candles, dice, and conservative America getting rilled and panicked about kids using imagination.
The Nerdy rich kid character who always has a new hat in every scene decides to make M&M into a LARP (Live-action roleplaying game)in the local caverns.
Well everything goes real good, until Robbie for some reason starts to hallucinate. He hallucinates a freaking monster, and he axes it no savings throw.

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They all leave the caverns like overly filled with joy, all but Robbie. I know what your thinking that Damn Robbie. He is always causing me trouble. What Kinda shit is that Robbie doing now. Well Robbie now thinks that he is his character.

Caratinga So Robbie or pardeaux or wtf his name is starts having dreams about his dead brother Hall. So in his crazy ass mind he starts drawing maps of the twin towers where Robbie will have to jump off of, and cast a spell to reach the Great Hall.
Of course his friends find him in time, and let him go home. At the end we see them visiting him at the inn(parents house) where he pays for his food and lodging with a magic gold coin.

I wish I was making this up, but yeah during the eighties their was this stooopid moral panic. DnD was satanic, and all that Jazz that has been thrown on the gaming community. I really like stuff from the satanic panic era, because of how regoddamneddiculous they are. This movie launched Tom Hanks Career, and he wont mention it. I would be ashamed about this movie as well.
It is a Fearmongering movie, and its so craptaculer that you cannot help but enjoy it for how dumb, and off target it is. It was fueled by the DnDĀ  mania that was making everyone worried. Roleplayers are still put down, and stereotyped because of this cunts ignorant shit. Im sorry if I am rambling, but things like this is still why dice chuckers are still made to seem like freaks.

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