The Beyond directed by Lucio Fulci

The Beyond - directed by Lucio Fulci

The Beyond - directed by Lucio Fulci

The Beyond is looked upon as being one of Fulci’s best movies. I have to say, I preferred Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombie 2), but I can see what makes it appealing.

The movie begins with an artist creating a painting who is then attacked by a torch carrying mob, missing only their pitchforks,  who whip him with a chain then crucify him to a wall. Nice them country folks. Many years later a woman inherits the building (a Hotel) and is trying to restore it to its former glory. Unfortunately it sits on one of the entry points to hell, which is always a tad inconvenient. Strange things begin to happen, a dusty old book called Eibon pops up here and there, and the new hotel owner begins to believe she is going crazy.

The story isn’t the worst, but it’s still very cliched and some of the acting is embarassing *cough* blind woman *cough*.

Lots of good gore, and fx, scenes though, my favourite shot (hoho! I made a funny!) being the exploding head on the little girl near the end of the movie (below).

See? That's what happens to annoying school girls who try and rip peoples faces of.

See? That's what happens to annoying school girls that try and rip peoples faces off...

I don’t think The Beyond is Fulci’s finest, but it’s still a good film, it has zombies, so that’s a +1. Ask my partner in crime, Alex, about the movie, he has the evil books logo tattoo’d on the back of his neck! The madman!

Rating: ★★★★☆


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