REC – US Remake title: Quarantine

”][REC] [REC] starts (below) with a chirpy reporter informing the viewers that they will be spending some time with a local fire brigade to see what they do while the citizens are asleep. Eventually the fire brigade receive a call to attend a block of flats. Reporter in tow, they head for the flats.

yeah, you're not so chirpy and cheery later on!...

yeah, you're not so chirpy and cheery later on...

I should mention that the entire movie is shot with a raw documentary feel, for example at the start we see the reporter fluffing her lines and retrying, and while heading to the flats we see her discussing things with her cameraman. Effectively everything we see is from the cameramans perspective.

As they enter the block of flats the natives are restless and an investigation (with the local Police) begins. Heading in to the offending flat, they discover an old woman, covered in blood, who ends up causing chaos.

Well, that's not a good sign...

Well, that's not a good sign...

I don’t want to give too much away, but if you watch this movie with the lights out, you’d better have a change of underwear at the ready.

The group, loosely led by one of the Police, try to leave the block of flats but are trapped inside. Loud speakers outside tell them they are, effectively, in a contaminated zone and would be shot if they try to leave. As if that’s not bad enough, things get much worse! The virus which is wreaking havok is pretty much a zombie virus, anyone bitten by a carrier becomes a mad, rabid, zombie. Unfortunately, none of the people trapped in the block of flats know this…

That room either houses a nasty virus, or it's home to an S&M party. Either way, it's not good!

That room either houses a nasty virus, or it's home to an S&M party. Either way, it's not good!

Again, I don’t want to spoil things, so I won’t go any further with the storyline. The movie was shot on a shoestring budget which, rather than making things look bad, it’s made them look better, the director has obviously gone the route of ingenuity to solve budget problems. Special effects are sparse but when they appear they are very well done. Yes, a lot of scenes are shaky-cam, but it is justified and done to intentionaly disorientate and jar us.

*sound of underwear being soiled*

*sound of my underwear being soiled*

[REC] is an awesome movie. I saw the English subtitled version, I’m told there’s a dubbed version which I would only recommend to slow readers as I find dubbing annoying, they seem to have a knack for picking the wrong voice actors. Before it could be released in the UK, [REC] was grabbed by Hollywood for a remake (Quarantine) which is due out sometime this year. I recommend you see the original in all it’s glory, then you can laugh at the inevitable rubbish remake. [REC] is a cracking film that is text book in it’s frights and doesn’t even come close to needing a remake! I dare you to watch it, late at night, with the lights out…

monthly accutane order pharmacy Rating: ★★★★★


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Having survived the UK's 'video nasty' (prohibition) era I'm eager to catch up with all previously unseen sleaze and filth. I revel in mixtape oddness, boobage, gore, and proper latex special effects, don't get me started on CGI... - email Ronnie
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4 Responses to REC – US Remake title: Quarantine

  1. Gail says:

    I very strongly agree! This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, a real gem. I live in the US and am upset that this movie will probably be ruined by it’s remake. After a few minutes, I didn’t even realize that I was reading the subtitles. Everything was so well done.
    REC is an awesome movie and I suggest that be the only version viewed.
    Thanks for another great review!

  2. bulldozer86 says:

    I agree with Ronnie here completely. REC is proof positive that the horror genre is not dead, and that people with creative minds and little else can still scare even the most jaded movie-goers.

    And for those who think this is some kind of Cloverfield rip-off or cash-in, i’m gonna need you to do 2 things.

    1) Shut the Fuck Up

    2) Do your homework

    REC predated cloverfield by OVER a year, probably closer to 2 when you factor in production, writing the script and so on. Cloverfield was a good movie, I enjoyed it because its a big popcorn fun monster movie with a few descent scares.

    REC though, is a experiment in fear that doesn’t fail. Lovable characters, the most realistic acting and setting and camerawork I’ve ever seen, especially in a small budget no-name film like REC, and tons of ingenuity and heart.

    As Ronnie said, if you like to think of yourself as a hard-ass, someone’s who’s seen it all, then turn off the lights, wait until about 2 am when everything around you is super quiet, and watch this movie with the volume up.

    Then tell me this is just some cash-in on the hand held camera fetish everyone’s going through, or that this isn’t a brilliant horror movie that deserves to be right up there with Halloween, Alien, and the rest of horror’s upper echelon.

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  4. Sandy says:

    REC was terrifying! We watched it as a group and we huddled together screaming. We knew what was going to happen but when it did we were still terrified!

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