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Superjail – the LSD-laced animated TV series from the Adult Swim network

conocer gente sant andreu de la barca With season three just around the corner (end of September) I think it’s time to review Superjail. Superjail is the animated bastard son of Robert Crumb and Happy Tree Friends. Each episode lays bare the crazy antics of said super … Continue reading

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Srpski film (2010) aka: A Serbian Film

Frechen I’ve reviewed some sick and harsh films over the years (eg: Martyrs, Ebola Syndrome, The Human Centipede etc.) but this one takes the biscuit. In fact, it eats the entire packet and spits the crumbs in my face! Srpski Film … Continue reading

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Martyrs (2008)

where can i purchase disulfiram Okay, I’m not going to lie, holy fuck, what a film! That’s my review. Thank you and goodnight. 😉 The movie starts off with a kid who’s just escaped from somewhere, she’s in her underwear, full of cuts and bruises, … Continue reading

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Vinyan (2009) – extreme boredom cinema

Having seen Vinyan getting rave reviews and full page spreads in Fangoria, I was quite eager to see it. It has even been billed as being the first of a new wave in ‘extreme cinema’. A couple who lost their … Continue reading

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