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Penny Dreadful – S01E01

buy accutane cheap I long for a good horror TV series. I loved American Horror Story (Season 2) but the ending pissed me off greatly and put off watching the other seasons. Having seen giant billboards (here in the UK) with the rather … Continue reading

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Texas Chainsaw (2013) Texas Chainsaw (2013) – Director – John Luessenhop IMDB – A young woman travels to Texas to collect an inheritance; little does she know that an encounter with a chainsaw-wielding killer is part of the reward. This is  a “made … Continue reading

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High Tension (2003) or Haute Tension – Unrated Director’s Cut

buy Aurogra no prescription Another French Film.  This one is in English and French, and the French is subtitled. The French are blowing me away with their horror movies.  I have only seen a handful of them so far, but have loved them all. … Continue reading

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Frontier(s) – Unrated Director’s Cut (2007)

Just watching the trailer makes me really want to watch this movie.  Gore? Check.  Nazis? Check.  Blades to an Achilles Tendon? Check Check Check. This is a French movie, which I watched with English subtitles. So, let’s begin.

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Circus Of The Dead (2014) – The Year Of The Clown

All you folks with coulrophobia might as well close this post right now. 2014 year sees the release of Circus Of The Dead a clown related flick so good that the wussies at YouTube deleted their trailer because apparently it contained ‘extreme … Continue reading

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Five Non-Christmas Movies That You Can Watch On YouTube

If you’re anything like me you’re probably sitting there with no decorations up and muttering bah-humbug to yourself. Well, entertain yourself with these five crap films that are up, in their inglorious entirety, on the YouTubes. Dawn Of The Dead … Continue reading

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Arthouse Horror Flick COYOTE Releases Clip; Wins Awards

Here’s a clip from an arthouse horror film that has been banned at some film festivals and has won awards at others in its first public screenings: controversial director Trevor Juenger’s Coyote. The film stars Bill Oberst Jr. as an insomniac writer whose … Continue reading

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Retard-O-Tron III – even more mixtape madness!

Unless you’ve been living in a drug induced coma on Mars (and for all I know you might have been) you should know about Retard-o-tron. I’ve gushed previously about Retard-o-Tron 1 and Retard-o-Tron II so, it’s time to gush greatly … Continue reading

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Frankenstein’s Army (2013)

If a mix of old school Resident Evil and Silent Hill sounds right up your alley then read on. OK, everyone is now pretty much fed up with ‘found footage’ films and while Frankenstein’s Army (FA) does use it, it’s … Continue reading

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Some Movie Posters Wot I Really Likes

I was flicking through a shed-ton (technical term) of old movie posters on my computer when I realised that I could do a post on some of my favourites. Now, this is not my top 10 most favourite, it’s just … Continue reading

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