Shin Godzilla (aka: Godzilla: Resurgence) 2016

Shin-Godzilla (aka: Godzilla: Resurgence)

First, sorry about the lack of reviews lately. Real-life and all that jazz. Second, Godzilla 2014 sucked monster balls. Over two hours and hardly any ‘zilla. Unacceptable.

Shin-Godzilla on the other hand…

The movie starts off with the ye olde Toho intro that we’ve grown to love over the years. You know, the one with the circular Toho logo with all the colourful rays of light. Yeah, that one.

Next, a boat is found floating. Empty. No one on board. Then some weird stuff happens and we see a tail. A BIIIIG tail.

The Japanese government is somewhat perplexed by this unknown creature and is undecided on whether to capture, or eliminate, it. Needless to say, a decision is quickly reached when they see what’s attached to the tail.

order nolvadex and clomid This review will be spoiler free, so I’m not going in to what happens next, but there’s destruction and lots of fleeing people. So that’s nice.

A rag-tag team sets up shop to analyse things outwith the government since the government is being a bit closed minded with its thinking. Then, OF COURSE, the American’s have to show up. God only knows why. All they do is toss missiles as Godzilla and piss him right off.

I don’t care what the cry-babies say. This Godzilla design is BAD ASS. Look at that glorious big bastard. LOOK! LOOK DAMN YOU!

So, it seems that missiles et al do nothing to our hero. Another plan must be formed.

I want to keep this spoiler free, so I’ll end my storyline stuff here. But, suffice it to say. When the big G opens up with his special powers. Hoooooooly crap is it glorious!

Godzilla’s work here is done.

Unfortunately, Godzilla is NOT a rubber suit, nor does it use miniature sets. It’s all CGI. But the FX wizards have, so I’ve read, gone a 50/50 route by using a motion captured actor and applying that to the CGI ‘zilla. The CGI ‘zilla looks shit hot. It’s purposely rendered to look like a suit. Which is great. And even though the budget was a mere (by Hollywood standards) $16m it looks fantastic.

So, in short, Balezino I fuckin’ LOVE this film. While I’m disappointed that it’s not the good old ‘man-in-a-suit’ with miniatures. The fact that they’ve used motion capture and a rubbery looking render makes it all good. When Godzilla used his ‘atomic breath’ I almost wet myself with excitement. There’s also the (inevitable) political message in it about the politicians being somewhat detached from the plebs. And, of course, the American’s doing what American’s do best:  making an arse of it with bigger and bigger missiles.

Over to you America. Your Godzilla 2 had better be a good ‘un if it’s to even EQUAL this one. Best of luck. You’ll need it.

Ubatã Rating: ★★★★½

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