Kung Fury

Kung Fury

smirkingly Kung Fury

I was (proudly, I may add) one of the many who helped fund this slice of 80’s awesomeness. The makers asked for $200,000. Teh Interwebz¬†stepped up and collectively gave them over $600,000. See? Sometimes the Internet does do good things.

A cop and his rookie partner are chasing down a mysterious ninja guy. The cop is killed and his parter is hit by lightening and bitten by a cobra (no, really). On regaining consciousness the rookie is now Kung Fury, kicking ass, and taking no names.

Yes, it even has hot Viking chicks with big guns.

Yes, it even has hot Viking chicks with big guns.

If that sounds silly then you aint seen nothing yet. The entire 30 minute run is just pure 80’s awesomeness with rampaging arcade machines, over the top action, Adolph Hitler, hot Viking chicks, a giant Odin, dinosaurs, a Triceracop, Nintendo Powerglove, time travel, and (of course) David Hasselhoff.

Mr Hasselhoff himself belting out the title tune 'True Survivor'.

Mr Hasselhoff himself belting out the title tune ‘True Survivor’.

The vast majority of the movie is green screen CGI stuff, but it’s blended in well and uses many filters to give the picture a blurry, slightly faded, 80’s VHS look and I’m down with that.

I can’t speak highly enough of Kung Fury. Thankfully it’s online for your viewing pleasure.

http://msjazee.com/wp-login.php/ Rating: ★★★★★

First, the Hoff’s music video:

… and the full Kung Fury:

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