Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967) aka: Taekoesu Yonggary

Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967) aka: Taekoesu Yonggary

Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967) aka: Taekoesu Yonggary

Think of buy cheap neurontin Yongary as the Seoul mate of Godzilla. Seoul. Ha! I made a funny. Yongary is a South Korean film. Unfortunately, that means there’s no Kim Jong Un. He’d have whooped that monster himself and the film would have been five minutes long, so it’s probably just as well he’s not here. Anyway, big cracks start appearing in South Korea (see Kim Jung Un) which turn out to be the mythical Yongary about to destroy South Korea.

The movie opens with some pretty good effects shots for 1965 Korea. As the bride and groom are leaving their wedding reception they drive away from what seems to be a space centre. Why they’re being married there is anyone’s guess. Anyway, it’s a nice scene of a live action car super imposed onto a miniature set.

C'mon, that's not bad effects for 1967 Korea.

C’mon, that’s not bad effects for 1967 Korea.

Right before our groom gets some nookie he’s called to the space centre to fly an important mission that apparently on he can do. This seems to involve him floating in space for a short time then descending to earth. Why only he could do this is beyond me.

Next the government and military are meeting to discuss what to do with this ‘earthquake’. The top man gives the nod for martial law, but a man appears all beaten and bloodied with photographs of the beast proving that it is indeed Yongary. Thankfully the guy lives long enough to mutter ‘please look’ hands over the camera then dies. If he’d died maybe ten seconds sooner Korea would have been screwed.

See? Even for 1967 the miniature sets aint bad.

See? Even for 1967 the miniature sets aint bad.

So, the army is on the streets and people are fleeing for their lives. In a strange kind of way. Exhibit A m’Lud:

So, your most prized possession is... a chair?!

So, your most prized possession is… a chair?!

You would surely grab your prized possessions and head for the hills. So why is the man in this stampede running with a chair? Is that his most prized thing in the whole wide world? And the chap in front of him seems to prize is tennis racquet. I’m confused by your priorities Koreans.

Our meek scientist suddenly grows balls and decides he must take on the monster. Someone has to do something! This, of course, means running towards the monster with absolutely no plan what-so-ever. I also liked the scene where his girlfriend falls, he runs back to help her and a large piece of rock somehow flies in from the left to whack him. Suspicious due to the fact that everything else is falling downwards. I can only assume this monster has mastered the overarm toss.

The beast in all its terrifying glory.

The beast in all its terrifying glory.

We’re at the half way mark, so it’s surely time to antagonise the beast by flying helicopters in its face. Sounds like a good plan.

At the oil refinery we find out that the beast feeds on oil. How it manages to lick a large silo clean is anyone’s guess:



But it’s after this that our hero and his diminutive sidekick realise that the beast has a bit of an allergy. Our dorky scientist begs the military not to fire on the beast as he has an idea. Needless to say he’s shot down faster than the beast.

None the less he brews up some ammonia (I think it was) and this seems to temporarily tame the beast. It’s here that everything goes to fuck.

The kid in the film seems to think it’d be cool to fire an itching beam (don’t ask!) at the thing which wakens it up and somehow causes it to start dancing. I shit thee not.

The only good thing to come out of that scene is the resulting squib-fest the military launches at Yongary.

About 68 minutes in is the best scene yet. Yongary walks up to a bridge and table flips it. It’s awesome.

Meanwhile our scientist/hero has brewed up a noxious cocktail that the must rain down upon the beast. To me it looks like they painted some fire extinguishers, but who am I to say.

Fighter jets try their best, but 3 out of 4 are dismissed by Yongary. Our intrepid heroes are on the way with their whateveritis and rain death upon Yongary.

Death really means staggering about for a minute/two before nearly falling into the water.

Giant reptile, or ordinary man, either way - blood from the butt is a bad thing!

Giant reptile, or ordinary man, either way – blood from the butt is a bad sign!

Hoorah! The monster is dead. Only now do they wonder if it’s right to have killed it.

Either way, they fly off to receive critical acclaim from reporters.

This film is bonkers. So many obvious wires, extra bits (check out the army truck that is split in two) and goofs that it’s awesome too. If only they’d left out the dancing scene it would have been better.

This is the best you’re going to get as apparently the original Korean film is lost, so all we’re left with is this American dubbed version. That’ll do me!

Vuyyūru Rating: ★★★½☆

Oh, and by the way, the entire movie is on YouTube for your pleasure:

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