Rubber (2010) – telepathic tyre runs amok!

Rubber (2010)

Yes, it’s true. I just watched a movie about a telepathic tyre called Robert.

From IMDb: When Robert, an inanimate tire, discovers his destructive telepathic powers, he soon sets his sights on a desert town; in particular, a mysterious woman becomes his obsession.

The movie starts with a car driving down the road weaving all over the place to knock down chairs. I’ve no idea why, but out the boot of the car comes a cop who babbles on about ‘no reason’ then gets back in the boot and the car drives off. After a short time we see our ‘hero’ finding his feet (or treads I suppose) and trundling through the desert. When he comes across a plastic bottle he discovers (after several attempts) that he can run over the bottle and crush it. Robert then crushes/smashes several other objects, but along the way he discovers that he can use the power of his mind to detonate things.

No, seriously, he can. Jhawāriān Don’t laugh.

Having exploded a rabbit and several other forms of life he, inevitably, moves on to people. This is spurred on by being involved in a hit and run accident, and seeing his fellow rubbery bretheren being thrown on a fire. He also takes a shine to a girl who’s car he manages to stall.

All this is seen by a group of people with binoculars. A thin greasy looking kid with glasses issues them with binoculars and they effectively annoy each other by commenting on what’s happening and predicting what will happen next. Fear not though as most of them die early on.

After killing several people, by exploding their heads, the cops are on his little rubbery tail. He flees to a motel, while stalking the aforementioned chick. He chills out, has a shower and a good long nights sleep. In between perving on the chick and killing the motel maid.

I shant explain any further as the ending is epic and made me laugh, heartily.

The whole film is quite surreal and experimental. I particularly liked the camera work where they used some unusual lenses/settings to make objects look tiny. Sometimes it looked like the scene was entirely made up of models/toys. The gore is minimum with heads exploding but it’s not the over the top blood and bits spray for half a mile type explosion. It’s also quite short, just over the one hour mark which was fine. Not too long, not too short.

If definitely think you should see this just to be able to tell your friends that you watched a movie about a telepathic tyre called Robert.

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