Dans ton sommeil (aka: In Their Sleep) – 2010

Dans ton sommeil (aka: In Their Sleep) - 2010

Dear peoples of France-land,

Maybe it’s something to do with all the frogs legs and snails you lot eat, but can you please stop making such depressing films!

That will be all,

Le Gosier Dans ton sommeil (English title: In Their Sleep) is a French film and, after my last Frenchy film (Martyrs), I was nervous to say the least. But, there was no need, this film isn’t overly aggressive or gory. It’s just sad and depressing.

The film begins with an angst ridden teen who’s a bit pissed at his parents. Pissed enough it seems to toss himself out of the window and on to some spikes below. Cue camera zoom to his face so that we can see he’s still barely alive on the spikes. Cut and we see the mother in the hospital, but doing her rounds (coz she’s a nurse), when the Matron summons her and tells her that she nearly overdosed a patient. Obviously this nurse must have trained here in the UK. Anyway, it’s here the Matron effectively fills in the missing piece telling her that it’s been a year since the teen died. So, now we know what happened to the hormonally enraged teen.

As she’s driving home we find out that there’s been house break ins nearby and the cops tell her to keep an eye out for anything suspect. On her way home again she knocks down a stranger who’s out in the middle of the road. Now, this is what got my attention; she’s knocked the guy off his feet, is panicking, doesn’t want to touch the guy, runs back to the car to find her phone… now, correct me if I’m wrong, but surely a nurse should be right out there to help the guy, give him some basic first aid and get him comfortable at least! Anyhoo, she gets him into her car with the intention to drive him back to her place (no, there’s no sex/nudie bits! Well, apart from a bit of semi-covered bush) but a madman in a car drives beside them, shining a torch into the car! WTF?! The man she knocked down explains that he saw the burglars breaking into his parents’ house. So, he’s on the run from them.

I’m saying nothing else on the plot as there’s a few twists and turns in it which are good, yet bad.

My main complaint with the film is that it starts off OK, then it heats up a bit (which is good), then it goes all romance-like before deploying it’s twist, but even then, the twist is revealed a good bit before the end and the end end is kinda odd. The story is good, but it’s badly put together. The twist should have been shown right near the end with the end end being the current near-end. You’ll see what I mean if/when you watch it.

This is one film that would benefit from a remake where the story is re-jigged. But, on the bright side, it’s not as depressing as Martyrs… just.

Carini Rating: ★★★½☆

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