Bijitâ Q (aka: Visitor Q) – 2001

Bijitâ Q (Visitor Q) 2001

Takashi Miike. The mere mention of his name will either make you wrinkle your nose in disgust (in which case, what the hell are you doing on this page) or have you drop to your knees and bow in admiration. Suffice to say, I’m writing this review while on my knees.

Bijitâ Q (or, hereafter known as, Visitor Q) is known as a Miike masterpiece due to it’s strangeness. It starts off normal enough. A business man is visiting a (rather cute) hooker and filming it with a camcorder. Eventually they end up going at it and we think nothing of it.

Suddenly the businessman has a run in with a brick, it hits the back of his head thanks to a stranger we only know (via the films title) as Q. Q basically takes up residence with the dysfunctional family of the gimp legged wife who’s injecting heroin, the bullying son who whips the crap out of his mom on a daily basis and who, in turn, gets his ass kicked at school on a daily basis. Then there’s the father, a failed journalist who’s trying to protect his son (but, ironically, not his wife) from getting bullied.

Well, it all starts going pear-shaped at the half-way mark when Q has a bit of fun with the wife by squeezing milk from her breasts. Which she seems to quite enjoy.

Meanwhile, her husband is trying to get a TV reporter to cover the story of his son getting bullied. She’s having none of it, so he rips all her clothes off and eventually kills her. But all is not lost, heavens no, as he takes her home (in the boot of his car) and proceeds to have sex with her in his greenhouse:

The subtitles alone are funny enough for this...

His timing is unfortunate, not only does he cum too quick, but rigor mortis sets in and his stiff is stuck inside a stiff. Apparently plenty of vinegar and a quick shot of heroin does the job. Well, that’s what his wife tells him. And, so we have the scene of a man in a bath of vinegar, high as a kite, with his penis stuck inside a corpse. It could only happy in a Miike film…

Then the man and wife catch the kids bullying their son and all hell breaks loose. The father attacks one of them with a large serrated knife (to the forehead) while the mother tosses a screwdriver at the other kid.

Well, there can't be many kids who can say they've seen their father in nothing but a towel sawing at a classmates head...

As the film draws to an end we see the man and wife having to dispose of the bodies, seemingly quite happy with themselves and the kid realising that Q is really just there to tear the family apart. We also see the return of the prodigal daughter who’s been hinted at during the film but we’d never met. Turns out we did meet her.

She was the hooker at the start. Yep, big ol’ bit of incest.

This is one weeeeeeeird film! The characters are bizarre, but you end up feeling sorry for them all at one point. Initially you hate the kid for whooping the mom, but then you see him getting whooped and it kinda justifies him bullying. Same with the mom, you think she’s soft and useless, until you see several scenes of her shooting up. And so on…

Maybe not the best of films to watch if you haven’t experienced Miike before. It’s a bit slow at the start, but definitely one you SHOULD see if you like weirdness.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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