Alex’s Top 10 of 2010! (video inside! YAY!)

Oh dear God, he has reached critical mass!

Please note that audio levels vary because I am a shitty video editor! Adjust volume levels accordingly!  Enjoy!

Top10of2010 from Alex S on Vimeo.

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One Response to Alex’s Top 10 of 2010! (video inside! YAY!)

  1. James Vilgos says:

    I really wanted to see Solomon Kane once the trailer originally came out, however I was very disappointed when I learned a few months ago that it had come and left theaters without me even realizing. Lots of other movies I really wanted to see on this list but just didn’t get a chance to see. Repo Men, The Crazies, Centurion, & The Expendables.

    My opinion of Predators differs from yours somewhat, though. I really felt that the first half before they meet Fishburn’s character was uninteresting and showcased poor acting on most of the cast’s count. I would have stopped watching, but then they decided to amp up the pacing, tension, and above all, action. That second half greatly made the whole movie worth watching. I will have to say though that I was disappointed to see they didn’t include the scene from the trailer where Adrian Brody’s character steps out and has his torso immediately covered in Predator laser sights.

    I would have to disagree with you on Iron Man 2, Alex. It definitely suffered from sequelitis, but Tron Legacy beats it by a landslide. Really great visuals and special effects, but just a completely hollow and boring movie that failed to capture any of the magic or heart of its predecessor. Daft Punk, however, (who I can’t stand by the way) delivered with an amazing soundtrack and just really nailed it when it came to connecting you to the Grid (Tron Legacy’s digital world).

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