El Habitante Incierto (2004) aka: The Uncertain Guest

El Habitante Incierto (2004)

http://advanceddentalmn.com/wp-content/cache/minify/8646d.js Sigh, another perfectly good film in line for a Hollywood remake/re-imagining/butchering.

The storyline of cytotec ordering El Habitante Incierto (The Uncertain Guest) is deceptively simple: Félix, an architect who has just split up with his girl-friend and inhabits a huge mansion in Barcelona, finds out how many hiding places there really are in his house. But are there enough to hide another person, a strange parasite of living space? Or is Félix really going insane? (IMDb.com)

The film starts with poor Felix splitting up from his (rather hot) girlfriend. Eventually she sends some workmen to get her stuff from Felix’s place. As they leave the door goes. Felix rushes to answer, thinking it’s his girlfriend coming for a last goodbye (or better), but it’s actually a complete stranger. The stranger asks to use Felix’s phone as the pay phone across the road is broken. Felix reluctantly agrees, goes to the kitchen (to give the man privacy) then reenters the room to find the stranger gone.

Over the course of the night, and several days, Felix is sure that the man didn’t leave and is effectively squatting in Felix’s big mansion.

Is there a parasite living in his house, or is Felix just going mad?

The film is extremely well written and has a completely http://simplecommunion.com/2010/12/intellectual-2/ WTF? ending, so I don’t want to give too much away.

It’s a Spanish film, written and directed by Guillem Morales. I’d never heard of the guy before, but this seems to be his first feature length movie with another one (Julia’s Eyes) being released this year, which I’ll definitely need to check out after seeing this one.

Most of the movie is thriller-esque with lots of shadows and creeping around, no real gore/blood, but it definitely makes you feel ‘that’d be creepy’ then ‘OK, now he’s being creepy’ with the ending forcing to you think about what you’ve just been watching and having to draw your own conclusion. Having given it a quick second watch (on FFWD) I think I know now what it’s all about.

There’s no gore or blood, but there are some boob shots and a scene with a crippled chick diddling herself:

It's good to know that if I ever get paralysed from the waist down, I can still enjoy masturbation.

Goiatuba Rating: ★★★½☆

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