Monsters (TV Series)

If you grew up as a horror fan in the late 80’s then you probably know of the TV show ‘Monsters‘ if not? Then you’re missing out on something good!

Back when cable TV was a new fangled invention I sat glued to the TV every Saturday night and watched Monsters. The premise of each episode is simple, think of it as a low budget, horror themed, Twilight Zone. Each episode has only one/two settings, a main star (with several lesser known actors) and one monster. Sounds crap, but the stories would inevitably come to the rescue.

Episode one (The Feverman) stars David McCallum as said Feverman who cures the sick. But as he begins to cure the sick little girl in his basement, things go awry. He tears off his little glowing amulet and tosses it to one side.

As an onlooker asks how he can help, the Feverman has him pick up, and put on, the amulet. It’s now up to the onlooker to fight the fever that has returned to the little girl.

I don't like the look of yours much!

With the fever now outside of the girl the onlooker battles, and beats, the fever, but the now dying Feverman informs the onlooker that he is now The Feverman and every time he doesn’t use the amulet he will begin to wither away. “Charge high, pay high, and you’ll die content” he is told as the house keeper enters the room and says, “there’s another customer.”

Monsters is a cracking little horror show, catch it if you can. It ran for three seasons between 1988 and 1990 and has never been released on VHS or DVD which is nothing short of a travesty of justice. If I could find whoever owns the rights to Monsters I’d harass them to the ends of the earth to have it released on DVD.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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