Grindhouse (2007) Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof

Death Proof

Death Proof

After the awesomeness that was Planet Terror I was almost looking forward to Death Proof (the second half of the Grindhouse package). Almost, as I’m really not a fan of Tarantino’s films.

The story is your basic killer-in-a-car thing, this time it’s a stuntman in an apparently ‘death proof’ car.

The film starts of as I feared, full of boring dialogue. Three women in a car talking about their boyfriends… for five full minutes. Another fifteen to twenty minutes of bar-room cavorting, again all (uninteresting) dialogue, and it takes about 45 minutes before we get to see any action. Unacceptable in my book. I only kept this film running over my 40 minute limit as I was certain SOMEthing good must happen! Surely!


After the initial piece of action we are introduced to four new women and this half of the film is almost a rerun of the first half! Same boring man-babble only this time they end up in a diner, not a bar. Whoopee-fuckin’-doo.

I have to say, this film is an insult to the goodness that was, Planet Terror. Although I can see why this is the last of the two films. Had this been the first film of the double feature, no one would have seen Planet Terror!

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ <– only gets as high as a two because of one scene with a woman face-planting a dashboard.

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