Ogroff the Mad Mutilator (1983)

Dear oh dear oh dear…

Orgroff the Mad Mutilator (aka: Mad Mutilator) is a French film from 1983, although it looks more like 1973 if anything else. The story is off the archetypical hut-in-the-forest dwelling psycho who murders passersby who stop for a leek by the road side.

Gory murders? Check.

Hot chicks? (benefit of the doubt since it’s Christmas) check.

So far so good.

Yeah, well, that’s about as good as it gets. There’s low budget, then there’s Ogroff. I reckon the cast must have had a whip round to get their budget, with a couple of cheap bastards tossing in pennies.

Sound is pretty much non-existant, as are subtitles. There is some droning, God awful music playing, but I mean sound effects. That’s right… when Ogroff is smashing the living daylights out of an old VW Beetle, there’s some pings and clangs which were obviously added later, how do I know that? Because they’re not even in time with the movements! Cars driving off in to the distance – no sound. Car doors closing? No sound. Ogroff going schitzo on a group of kids, destroying their picnic furniture. No sound. Even the voices have been added later!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas kid...

Continuity is also lacking. At one point some chick is being chased down a long straight road by Ogroff. One minute she’s close up and running like mad, next minute she’s far off from the camera and running rather pathetically. Only problem is: whenever we see her running down the road, there’s no Ogroff behind her, then it’ll cut to Ogroff who’s apparently still chasing her. Very odd. And zombies… zombies pop-up here too. No idea why/how, but they do.

Axe the end of him then...

One shot I did quite like was the guy getting the hatchet in the face. It’s not brilliant by any means, but the shots of the camera lens covered with blood and it being wiped away was pretty effective, kinda like what the poor victim could see.

I don't give a rats ASS what anyone else says, those letters are cardboard cut-outs, as they're flapping in the wind!

Speaking of poor victim… that’s me. My score for this *cough* ‘film’:

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ <– I’m only going as high as a two because I laughed my ass off at the scenes with Ogroff smashing things up in complete silence.

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2 Responses to Ogroff the Mad Mutilator (1983)

  1. Erin says:

    Where the hell did you even find this movie? It looks like a shot on video “classic” that fell behind the shelf at the video store in 1983, became covered in a 14 inch layer of dust and was not found until the store had their going out of business sale in 2006. I admire you for watching it for my reading pleasure, however, and I love it when you say things like “had a whip round.”

  2. Ronnie says:

    Eternal damnation should be laid upon whoever found it behind the ‘rarely rented’ shelf and unleashed it upon the unsuspecting populace.

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