Drag Me To Hell (2008, Sam Raimi)

Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell

I was dubious of watching this as Mr Raimi is, of course, now a big Hollywood director. Gone are the days of shoestring budgets and cheap makeup for his films. Can he still make a good horror film without the Hollywood pizazz? Read on…

The film starts with a young boy, who is sick, being brought to a woman’s house. The concerned woman wants to know what the boy has been up to and is then told that he’d stolen a gypsy’s neckless, but tried to give it back, but in vain. In other words: he’s fucked. Gypsy curse. Then we meet Christine Brown (Lohman) trying to get promoted to Assistant Manager in her banking job. Along comes an old woman looking to get her mortgage payments fixed up.

She's an old psycho bitch! Run away!!!

She's an old psycho bitch! Run away!!!

Christine takes a firm stance, to show her boss who she really is (and to get the promotion) and in the end gets mugged and cursed. So now she’s fucked, and has three days until the devil comes looking for her soul.

That’s about the first 30mins of the movie. The rest of the movie is her first few days as a cursee and then trying to remove the curse.

Let’s get to what matters: is there gore?

What is this? Tom & Jerry?

What is this? Sam & Jerry?

Yes indeed there is. Some good gore (eye poppings, cat vomit (not what you think) and such-like) and some very gross scenes (juice of dead body anyone?). So I can recommend it for those alone. Is it scary? Actually, yes it is. In good, old, Raimi style most of it is simply playing on what you can’t truly see. Shadows creeping up stairs, curtains rustling. All those things that made you poop your pants and wet the bed as a kid. What do you mean you still wet the bed? can i buy Pregabalin over the counter in usa Ewwww!

*deep voice* attack of the rabid goat... part three...

*deep voice* attack of the rabid goat... part three...

And story? Is there story? Yes, I’m afraid there is story, but it’s all curse/devil based, so that’s good. There’s pretty much everything you’d want in a horror film. It’s not perfect, far from it, the one thing that lets the movie down is the use of CGI where good ol’ latex would have sufficed. Hollywood, please get over CGI and return to rubber, I think you’ll find it’s a damn sight cheaper. Credit crunch, and all that jazz.

All in all, I recommend this new horror flick for you sick folks. I’m sure you’ll all love the ending…

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ivermectin (stromectol) where to buy Rating: ★★★★☆

PS: do neurontin 300 mg discontinued NOT read the IMDb plot as it will completely spoil the movie for you. IMDb suck sacrificial goat dick…

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One Response to Drag Me To Hell (2008, Sam Raimi)

  1. hoobagail says:

    Ah, yes!! A good old fashioned scare fest. Pretty repulsive in parts. Just goes to show you, NEVER piss off anyone named Sylvia Ganush. I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did. My biggest problem was Justin Long. Usually, I find him enjoyable in films…this time he sucked! A miscast, I say. Guess Sam thought he needed a big name to draw a crowd.

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