Room 205 aka Kollegiet

Evergreen Park Dying to move from home?

Seroquel apotheke Bullies, jerks and thieves. Where would the horror genre be without them? We sit and wait for them to die in spectacularly gruesome ways, sometimes for an entire movie. Room 205 gives mixed results to the viewer who within the first ten minutes knows who they wish to see slaughtered.

In this Ghost House Underground production from Denmark, Katrine (Neel Ronholt) moves into a college dorm just as Rolf (Mikkel Arendt) is moving out in the wake of some nasty bullying. Katrine should see what’s coming next for her, but the “cool kids” immediately seem to take a liking to her. Unfortunately, when Lukas (Jon Lange) takes a romantic interest in Katrina, she incurs the wrath of jealous Sanne (Julie Olgaard), who is still angry because Lukas loved her and left her and because a house fell on her sister. Sanne’s flying monkey Lena (Mira Wanting) is a minor bitch to Katrine as well, but it is really Sanne and Lukas who need to die. Sanne actually says to Katrine “you’re either in or you’re out.” Maybe Sanne wouldn’t have had to die if she’s emotionally progressed beyond middle school.

Anyway,  a girl died in room 205 twenty years earlier under mysterious circumstances and Sanne now lives in that room. After Lukas and Katrine hook up at a party, Sanne and the monkeys scare Katrine and trap her in bathroom where the girl died. When the ghost, who looks like one of the vampires in The Lost Boys, appears in the bathroom mirror, Katrine breaks the mirror and inadvertently sets the murderous spirit free.

Here is where it comes to be only moderately satisfying. Rolf and Katrine band together to try and stop the ghost, but the ghost doesn’t go on the rampage we’re promised on the back of the DVD box. There are only three deaths, although one is an over-the-top elevator murder and another is a satisfying eye gouge. Also, while there is sex in the movie, there is no nudity. On the positive side we do get to find out what the ghost is so pissed about. The ending is left open for a sequel.

Fans of Japanese ghost stories will dig this tale of misplaced revenge, but gorehounds will be left wanting more. Points for the DVD having the option of the Danish audio with English subtitles, cause dubbed acting is wack!

buy priligy online australia Rating: ★★★☆☆

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