Mother of Two, Jailed Over A Cup of Tea

0652851500( A BRITISH mother of two is being held in jail after being found guilty of adultery – for having a cup of tea with a male friend.

Marnie Pearce, 40, had separated from her Egyptian husband Ihab El-Labban when he burst into her Dubai home and found her drinking tea with another man.

Mr El-Labban now has custody of their two children – Ziad, 4, and Laith, 7 – and former classroom assistant Ms Pearce fears she may never see them again because she will be deported as soon as she is released.

Amnesty International says Ms Pearce, who has lived in Dubai for 15 years, is “a prisoner of conscience”.

Mr El-Labban made the claim of adultery – which is a crime in the strict Muslim country – during a custody battle over the boys.

Ms Pearce, who denies a physical relationship with the man, went on the run with the boys but eventually gave herself up and handed the sobbing children over before her case was heard and she was sentenced.

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2 Responses to Mother of Two, Jailed Over A Cup of Tea

  1. Hooba says:

    TEA???? Really?

  2. Ronnie says:

    Yep, tea. Her having the cup of tea with the other guy seems to have been enough proof, for the crazy Dubai legal system, to charge her with being unfaithful.

    Todays lesson kids: don’t live in a foreign country! 😀

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