13 game sayawng (aka: 13 Beloved / 13: Game Of Death)

13 game sayawng (13 Beloved / 13: Game of Death)

13 game sayawng (13 Beloved / 13: Game of Death)

This is a Thai movie from 2006. 13 game sayawng (13 Beloved, or 13: Game of Death, to you and me) is a thriller which instantly reminded me of my Horror favourite: Saw.

The movie begins with a salesman, Pusit, who is down on his luck, and it’s not getting any better. He’s is major debit and his car’s just been repossessed. Then to top it off. he’s called in to the bosses office, and fired from his job. It’s really not his day. Then his phone receives a call from an unknown number. The caller explains that due to his bad luck, Pusit has been selected to take part in a game show, of sorts. Complete thirteen challenges, and he’ll win the equivalent of $100m. Considering his first challenge is to swat a fly, it can’t be all that bad? Oh but it is. The challenges become tougher for poor Pusit. Each time a challenge is complete his mobile phone rings and he’s off to the next challenge.

This test is a 'special meal'...

This test is a 'special meal'...

Running at nearly two hours I was a bit concerened that I’d get bored of this, or it would have a cheap ending. Surprisingly neither happened. This must be my lucky day! The story is good, it does take a good 20 – 25mins before it gets going, but when it does, it keeps going. You wonder what Pusit’s next challenge will be, and some of them will make you flinch. There is some good gore in here too which is very well done considering it’s (thankfully) not some bazillion dollar Hollywood film.

It’s not overly gory, it’s not scary, but it is a good tense story, and it’ll keep you guessing.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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