Celluloid Carcass – Horror Mixtape

Celluloid Carcass

Celluloid Carcass

Celluloid Carcass is a mix tape. If you’re unsure as to what a mix tape is I’ll tell you: it’s basically a load of movie clips, sometimes put to music, for your perverse enjoyment.

So, with that out of the way, what’s actually in Celluloid Carcass? To be honest, I’ve no idea. I recognise some clips in it, but a lot of them I’ve never seen before.

See, the good thing about a mix tape is that you sometimes see clips in there that make you think ‘Fuck! That looks awesome!’ and hunt down the movie that the clip came from. This mix tape did that to me a few times.

oh oh! I know this one, I know this one! She screamed so much she passed out! You don't see that in films now-a-days, the women are too busy trying to be men.

oh oh! I know this one, I know this one! She screamed so much she passed out. You don't see that in films now-a-days, the women are too busy trying to be men 🙁

The mix tape starts with quite a long sequence panning along all sorts of mangled bodies before bringing up the logo (above). We’re then treated to some ghetto bitch fights before moving swiftly along to some rednecks out in the forest discussing who’s turning who ‘queer’. I won’t mention every clip as part of the beauty in a mix tape is that you’ve just no idea what to expect next.

Gratuitous nipple shot

Gratuitous nipple shot

There is, of course, some mad Japanese stuff in there, one is a chick dressed very cowboy like with the poncho-type thing on, but when the ponch-type thing comes off? Well, I’ll leave that to you to see. The other Japanese clip of note is between two women in fancy dress pretending to kick each others ass while cartoon sound effects are playing (below)… very odd!

Id love to have been cutting through the park that day...

I'd love to have been cutting through the park that day...

One clip that did make me say ‘ooh, whassat??’ was from an animation. A wide shouldered hero type dodges gazillions of bullets, grenades and what not and is fighting against what I can only describe as tall scrawny looking Smurfs (below). If you know what film it’s from, please tell me the title!

See? They look like tall, scrawny, Smurfs!

See? They look like tall, scrawny, Smurfs!

Most of the other clips are of monsters. Some good, some bad. But even the bad ones are good, in a warped kinda way…

Quite possibly the cheapest looking monsters anywhere...

Quite possibly the cheapest looking monsters anywhere...

The tape ends with the necessary parts from Zombi 2 played in FFWD so you effectively get to see Zombi 2 in about five minutes. No bad thing.

What I like best about this mix tape is that it doesn’t go for the cheap mondo shots of real people/animals being mutilated/injured. Also, a nice touch is that rather than letter box some shots with the usual black bars at the top and bottom, it has nice dark red, patterened, bars which help with the presentation of the tape. Speaking of presentation, Celluloid Carcass does excellent here, a lot of the movie clips will have a piece of music playing that, in a funny way, relates to the scene.

All in all, this is one of the best mix tapes I’ve seen yet. No mondo gore, lots of cheesy monster effects and even a few indy movie clips, all wrapped up in one small, but beautifully presented, tape.

If you like mix tapes, then you might also like Safranbolu The Abortion Bin tape that I reviewed.

If you want to download this mix tape, here’s a hint: ‘Tracker 3’ (if you can get it to load).

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Having survived the UK's 'video nasty' (prohibition) era I'm eager to catch up with all previously unseen sleaze and filth. I revel in mixtape oddness, boobage, gore, and proper latex special effects, don't get me started on CGI... - email Ronnie
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10 Responses to Celluloid Carcass – Horror Mixtape

  1. john says:

    there’s a site that sells these- undergroundcollector.com . he used to have Abortion Bin, but has been out for awhile. is celluloid gettin’ a dvd release?

  2. bulldozer86 says:

    I’ve heard no official word on a DVD release coming, but who knows. I think before that would happen, the folks responsible for CC would have to see some tremendous demand for it arise. And considering it’s easily downloadable from a variety of sources, some not even requires sign ups or any tricky business like that, I think it’s unlikely.

    These mixtapes are created, most of the time, with free distribution through the internet being the main source of getting it to us fans, and the first and sometimes only line of release.

  3. Ronnie says:

    Yeah, I doubt there’ll be a DVD release of CC as it was made buy a member of the CG forum (and T3 tracker) as (I assume) a bit of fun. It’d definitely be good to see it on DVD though.

    Although… I just wish that when folks make a mixtape that they either put a list of the movies (in the order shown) at the end of the ‘tape’, or have the name of that film/clip on screen when it’s there, it’d make identifying cool clips much easier.

    I’d definitely like to make a mixtape myself, but I’ve not got anywhere NEAR enough good material for a mixtape… 🙁

  4. bulldozer86 says:

    Maybe we can make that a pet project of ours Ronnie? To eventually one day be able to create one.

  5. Mika S. says:

    Actually, this is the first mixtape I’ve seen (followed by Cathode Fuck). Video Armageddon is on it’s way.

    Do you know if there’s a better quality of Celluloid Carcass around? A bigger file (than 700MB) for example.

  6. Sir Spank says:

    This is awesome, I’m downloading all video mixtapes i can find on the pirate bay… Retard-o-tron is next! Tracker3 is next, because there is Celluloid Carcass!

  7. james says:

    the movie with the little blue guys is Aachi & Ssipak


  8. Ronnie says:

    buy Pregabalin australia Thanks!

    *heads off to look for torrent* 😀

  9. Corpsey says:

    Wow! Thanks for your great review 😀

    I made this over a year ago, set it free on the internet and never really thought too much more about it, until I stumbled across your website.
    And just so it’s all official-like, I won’t be releasing a DVD of this, but am currently working on Vol.2 at the moment.
    So, thanks for all the kind words and giving me another reason to complete Vol.2.

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